1. BlackIrish

    Dead 74 TTop PAF sticker pickup set advise

    Hi, looking for advise on this. Sell as is? Rewind and sell? Will rewind brand change resale value? Other options? Thanks for any response!
  2. Flugel

    Post some pics of your guitars

    And give me some GAS. :)
  3. caledoneus

    "family" album?

    SO, I decided to take some pics of my current guitar "family" and post em on here. Feel free to share you "family" photos as well!
  4. Tritone

    New PRRI Day

    Actually I picked it up on Thursday, but didn't have a chance to take pics until today. With my AC15: First impressions: Wow. I love it. I love how it sounds good at a volume that doesn't break windows. I love the clear, sweet cleans. I even like the reverb and tremolo. Before hearing it...
  5. Sociophile

    Builder/Company Collections

    Many of us like to build collections of our favorite companies/builders. If you have a collection, post it here! I've been collecting FuzzHugger for awhile now. Not pictured because they are on my board or elsewhere: Phantom Arcade, Great Wall.
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