1. Joulupukki

    My new Mojotone Princeton Reverb build vs. a 2017 PRRI

    At the beginning of January I placed an order for a complete Mojotone Princeton Reverb kit. At about the same time, I also found a used PRRI and bought it so I’d have something to compare with and tinker on in the meantime. During my wait for all the parts of the Mojotone to come in stock I’ve...
  2. Joulupukki

    Questions about reverb behavior on the AA1164 vs. PRRI circuits

    I have a 2017 PRRI that I’ve done a couple of mods to and also just built a Mojotone Princeton Reverb. One of the differences I notice between the two is that when I turn up the reverb knob on the Mojotone (AA1164 circuit) there is noticeable hum whether or not the reverb foot switch has been...
  3. saltbird

    The PRRI's treble... Yikes (Solved: The speaker needed to be broken in)

    EDIT #2: Since members keep responding to this with suggestions I need to make this bold and clear instead of responding to each person. The problem went away completely after letting the C10R break in. This had a much more significant difference than I expected it would. I've swapped out tubes...
  4. K

    Getting a 65 Princeton Reverb sound into headphones

    Hi everyone I recently got a Princeton Reverb and I really like the way it sounds, but it's too loud for my room. I would love to be able to get a similar sound (since I know I'm not going to get the exact feel of the speaker driving in the room) through an ampless setup. I would be using my...
  5. theartofutility

    What's your favourite OD/distortion into a CLEAN Princeton?

    Got myself a Fender Princeton Reverb reissue (with 12" creamback) a couple of months back. I play it between 4 and 5 on the volume knob and this thing doesn't break up until you get to over 6 (which is VERY loud). So, I need to get all my gain from pedals played into the amp clean (can't even...
  6. K

    Fender PRRI squeals on high volume

    So I have a fairly new Fender Princeton Reverb Reissue, after some some time at bedroom level it was time to crank it. Exactly after 5 on the volume knob there is a terrible squeal that starts with a crackling noise and changes frequency slightly as I turn the knob. It stops after around 8-9...
  7. Pretzmidtown

    NAD Princeton Tweed/Pine 12" with Celestion from GC

    OK, I'm a fan of Princeton's and DRRI's in particular, but wasn't bonding with a '68 Custom Princeton I had had for a little while. I traded in for this new '65 Reissue with a Heritage G12-65 12", Pine Cabinet, and Tweed covering at GC a few days ago, and wow, does this amp absolutely kill...
  8. D

    Upgrading 65 PRRi speaker

    So I like the Princeton, but I noticed when I play with overdrive in the higher registers, the tone is shrill and piercing to my ears. For a while I thought it was just my pedal choice, EQ, etc. but after trying different pedals and setups, with the treble rolled off, it still happens. Turns out...
  9. N

    Deluxe Reverb Output Transformer in Modded PRRI (Primary Impedence)

    A question for the technically minded, will an Output Transformer designed for a deluxe reverb (in this case a Hammond 1760H) work in a Princeton Reverb Reissue? My primary concern is that the primary impedence might be wrong? Please advise.
  10. Shoegazer47

    PRRI or Roland JC40

    Hello guys. i am trying to decide between PRRI and Roland JC40 for my first "real" amp. my current situation is that i live in a dormitory where i can be kinda loud by day only "at certain times" and the volume is a big deal to me, even after i finish my studies i will probably end up in an...
  11. Tritone

    New PRRI Day

    Actually I picked it up on Thursday, but didn't have a chance to take pics until today. With my AC15: First impressions: Wow. I love it. I love how it sounds good at a volume that doesn't break windows. I love the clear, sweet cleans. I even like the reverb and tremolo. Before hearing it...
  12. DavesPlanet

    Help Recording Strat

    I'm having trouble getting a good electric guitar sound recorded. I'm making an intro video for my guitar lesson youtube channel...I want to include a little 'noodling' on my Strat so my viewers (I'm thinking young guys interested in soloing), can hear a few tasty licks before my spoken intro. I...
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