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  2. ZayRRow

    PRS TCI ”S” VS 85/15 ”S” Pickups

    Hi everyone! I wanted to ask what’s the difference between the TCI S and the 85/15 S pickups that are in PRS guitars because I have seen 2 guitars and one has the TCI and the other has the 85/15 and I don’t know which one to choose (and honestly the 85/15 S sounds killer but the one with the TCI...
  3. Dannyz

    NGD: 22' PRS S2 McCarty 594 Singlecut

    I was lookin for a LP-ish guitar for my alternative/drop tune songs in the vein of AiC, Soundgarden, Silverchair, STP, etc. A LP Custom was out of my budget and i already have a 11' Gibson LP Trad Pro. There was a nice SG Standard in polara white but i have a love/hate relationship with SGs...
  4. KoreanDrama

    58/15 LT vs Thornbuckers

    Hi guys, I've been eyeballing the PRS 58/15 LT that have been showing up at different retailers, but have zero experience or benchmark of how well these or any other PRS pickups sound for that matter. I currently have a Strandberg that I have fitted with Thornbuckers that I've been enjoying...
  5. B

    Guitar Cover: "Jerry's Breakdown" - Jerry Reed & Chet Atkins

    Cover of Jerry's Breakdown featuring my PRS Hollowbody II with a Piezo pickup. I switch to the regular neck pickup for the Chet Atkins solo. Shot with 1 camera (the main shot is where the actual audio recording comes from; the pickup shots happened later)
  6. D

    Battle of the 20W Plexis

    Hi all! I am looking for a 20W ish plexi style single channel amp head for band practice and the occasional gig. There have been a bunch of these released recently so I am a bit unsure which I should buy. Unfortunately I live too far away from any store that stocks these so I can't try them...
  7. Guitarjon

    Tonex vs Mesa Mini Rectifier & PRS MT15 (capture vs real amp)

    Update: Here's also a comparison of my Mesa Mini Rectifier vs a Tonex capture. I've also uploaded the capture to Tonenet so check it out for yourself if you're interested: Hi all! Ever since IK Multimedia announced Tonex I was pretty excited! The capture function on my Quad Cortex is quite...
  8. B

    PRS Custom 24 and Special Semi Hollow differences?

    Besides the 24 frets on the Custom 24, is the Custom 24 different enough from a Special Semi Hollow to justify having both?
  9. S

    PRS MT15 Squealing

    Alright so I just got a PRS MT15 (used) and the thing sounds awesome, but it feeds back and squeals worse than anything I've ever heard before. It even does it when plugged into a loadbox and played through headphones. The best way I can get it to do it is by just touching the end of the...
  10. H

    S2 594 McCarty Pickups and Electronics Swap

    I swapped the pots out for dimarzio 500K pots and that made a huge difference, prior to that it would go from treble to no treble with very little difference. like when i turned the tone knob it was not a gradual change and the same was with the volume knobs if i tried getting right at the edge...
  11. Reyybarra

    I'm just not sure I can do it

    I mean, it sounds really good... kinda like all the good of the 90's, but HORSEMEAT!? dammit, I'm not sure I can bring myself to buy a pedal called HORSEMEAT... am I crazy for being this petty? I already put my name down on the sweetwater preorder, but considering taking it off. @PaulReedSmith
  12. H

    Prs S2 594 Vs Prs Core 594 Specs? Neck width? les paul

    I am curious if the neck width is the same on the core and the S2 594 model. I switched from a les paul studio to a S2 594 mainly because the les paul was too heavy. I noticed a couple times around the 6th fret on the 6th string (fat bass string) the string slides off the fret board...
  13. makam

    PRS S2 neck profile not written in tag?

    After spending sometime playing my core custom 22, I found its neck profile (wide fat) to be the best for my hands and needs. Having also a S2 Custom 22 with a pattern regular neck, which is a bit thiner than the core model but round and big enough for my liking, I decided to pull the trigger...
  14. aliensporebomb

    PRS Experts got some questions

    I saw a used "PRS Custom 24" at a store but after looking at it I suspect someone has refaced the headstock of an SE to make it look like a PRS core line guitar. It appears to have an arched top but..... Is there anything I can do to tell if it's the real deal or if someone is doing a sneaky...
  15. reactr04

    But I’m not a dentist (warning: PRS content)

    Obviously PRS is a polarizing brand, and I usually find myself on the side of “not for me” — they’ve just always reminded me of Jimmy’s Chicken Shack and other parts of the 90s I’d rather forget. And especially as a lefty, where our options are limited…unless it’s an entry level model they just...
  16. Dannyz

    Your perfect guitar collection?

    I've been thinkin about this. What would be your best guitar collection? Im talking about the right amount of guitars you need to experiment, have fun, be inspired and practice a wide array of music. Take 5 minutes and build your own! ill start with mine. 1) Gibson R8 post 2013 in some type of...
  17. Y

    Today’s Silversky = Tomorrow’s Pre CBS Stratocaster?

    In 30 years is it possible that the USA PRS Silver Sky (2018-2023 let’s say, or the roll out years) will be collectable in the same way that the pre CBS Stratocasters are now?
  18. B

    Alternative to PRS Narrowfields

    Are there any reasonably available, aftermarket alternative to PRS Narrowfield pickups? They’re not quite single coils, but can sound single coil-ish, and while technically humbuckers, they don’t really have a humbucker sound, but can be kind of like underwound PAFs.
  19. I

    PRS Silver Sky SE VS Fender Player Mex

    So, we've all heard the comparisons by now and what they sound like. But what about the build quality and which is better in the long term? In my country for example, the PRS SS SE is $250 dollars more than the Fender Player for some reason... Who wins it at the end? PRS Silver Sky or Fender...
  20. T

    Need advice on designing a new neck for Jaguar

    As much as I enjoy my Fender Jaguar, I hate the Modern C Fender neck. It hurts my hand and I need something with more substance. So I’m looking at Warmoth: Can’t decide between fatback, boatneck or the 59 roundback. I like Gibson necks so I’m not sure if I should keep it a 10 radius or the...
  21. C

    58/15 lt wiring for coil split?

    How do I wire my 58/15 lt to install it on a guitar other than prs? Other pickups require 4 conductors to split the coil. But prs pickups don't have 4 conductors. Do I need to use a special type of wiring to install the prs pickups on other guitars that allow for coil splitting?
  22. A

    Old PRS or New PRS

    Hi there, I have been wondering if anyone can tell me if older PRS guitars are better, worse, or on par with newer PRS guitars. I am looking at possibly buying a 2002 custom 22, but wanted to hear opinions on new verses old first. I am not able to play newer models because I am a lefty. I am...
  23. M

    PRS Wiring Help - 2 Conductor

    I have a set of Slash pickups but my guitar has 1 volume and 1 tone push/pull pot. Is there a way to wire these pickups without switching the controls? I don’t tend to use the push/pull, so having it function isn’t needed. Any advice or wiring diagrams would be greatly appreciated!
  24. Brockstar


  25. EvilAsh

    Would you swap? PRS for Gibson [not trolling, honest conundrum!]

    [Updated #85] With the help of the good folks here I’ve concluded that I should let this one go, if I’m looking for a guitar to top this PRS it would be a real stroke of luck if this random LP happened to be the one, I’ll likely have to ‘run the racks’ and try a few different types. Or I guess I...
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