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  1. cube

    Epiphone les Paul classic worn purple.

    2020 Epiphone Les Paul Classic Worn Purple
  2. Nick Hill

    Line 6 Helix | Metal Tone with the New REVV GEN PURPLE

    The new Helix firmware 2.9 is here and it came with the purple channel from the amazing Revv Generator 120. Brutal sounding for sure. I put together this track with of course, my Solar Guitars A 1.6 Artist and I am using Ownhammer Impulses. This thing is sounding brutal and for those of you who...
  3. R

    NPD: EQD Plumes in purple sparkle

    Only posting this because it's a special edition. I'm not a fan of the color green outside of nature, so i kinda had to jump on this version from GearHero.
  4. chankgeez

    What's the best purple clip-on tuner?

    ???????????????????? Thank you!
  5. Danrose

    New guitar! 50s Telecaster Road Worn Purple

    I haven't bought a guitar from GC in over a decade, but when I went to buy emergency strings I pulled a road worn 50s tele in metallic purple off the wall just for kicks and was very impressed with how it played and sounded! Never thought I would buy a mim tele especially with a or a 50s neck...
  6. HeavyCream

    Famous Tones You Cop With Pedals

    This is sort of a tips and tricks thread regarding how you cop well known tones with pedals. To those who say, “**famous guitarist** didn’t use pedals so no pedal will get you that tone”, don’t let the door hit ya... :D I’ll start with one of the all time greats and although it’s pretty well...
  7. EtaCarinae

    NGD: Ernie Ball Music Man JP7 in firemist purple

    2018 made EBMM John Petrucci 7 string; this one's a keeper. It's a 7 string that feels closer to a 6 string in terms of playability (EBMM's tendency towards skinnier nut widths seems to really work with this guitar). I have a lot of nice guitars. This is probably the nicest feeling one. The...
  8. I

    Is PRS SE Amethyst Finish Prone to Fading?

    I just bought a very nice looking PRS SE Amethyst Custom 24. I love the deep-purple color it has. I know that people say purple PRS Core guitars are prone to fading to an ugly (IMO) pink color in part due to PRS's use of organic dyes, but is the same to be said of PRS SE guitars? Should I leave...

    Maximum Guitar Works - Elena guitar (new prototype)

    Just finished up a couple new experimental guitars...and I thought I would share one of them with everyone here. Meet Elena (meaning "Bright One"). She is a one piece Swamp Ash body with aluminum pickguard. Generous forearm contour...and a comfortable 8.35 lbs total weight. Rosewood...
  10. I

    How to get a purple quilted PRS?

    I've been looking around on Reverb for a few months. I've wanted to get a guitar that is almost exactly like this one: https://reverb.com/item/11288291-paul-reed-smith-wood-library-order-paul-s-guitar-private-stock-grade-quilted-maple-purple I seriously considered this one, but there are two...
  11. S

    Whose Rig? (purple plexi + white strat)

    This post is pretty pointless but I am just curious about a picture I saw years ago that just randomly popped back into my head. Does anyone know where this picture was, whose it was, or still have the picture? I can't find it now. It was a picture of some kind of plexi-style amp, probably a...
  12. chankgeez

    Purple Rainbow Machines! & all kinds of other new purple EQD (including Plumes)!

    I want a purple sparkle Rainbow Machine. :D Now available from Gear Hero HQ: https://gearhero.com/products/earthquaker-devices-rainbow-machine-v2-polyphonic-pitch-mesmerizer-gear-hero-exclusive-purple-sparkle Oh, yeah, here's a photo: (Think the color of the Night Wire enclosure.) I...
  13. rkharper

    missing / stolen Lincoln Guitars Bitterbird Jr. (Austin TX)

    so, I think now it's about time to post in this forum. this guitar was sent to me via FedEx on February the 16th 2017. It was picked up at the luthiers place by FedEx, and was never even scanned by FedEx, the tracking number is not / was not scanned once. So, I declare the guitar missing or...