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rainbow machine

  1. slapback delay

    Earthquaker Devices Rainbow Machine V2

    I just bougth a Earthquaker Devices Rainbow Machine V2. Love the sound of it, but the Magic button doesnt work. Very annoying. Its powered by Cioks DC-7. Anybody else have this experience?
  2. Listening To Reason


    Do you own Rainbow Machine by Earthquaker Devices? I just got one and it’s by far one of the most interesting pedals I’ve ever played. Trying to get more practical use out of it other than the “chorus” tone and crazy noisemaker. How have you used the atonality of it in songs? How do you like...
  3. chankgeez

    Purple Rainbow Machines! & all kinds of other new purple EQD (including Plumes)!

    I want a purple sparkle Rainbow Machine. :D Now available from Gear Hero HQ: https://gearhero.com/products/earthquaker-devices-rainbow-machine-v2-polyphonic-pitch-mesmerizer-gear-hero-exclusive-purple-sparkle Oh, yeah, here's a photo: (Think the color of the Night Wire enclosure.) I...
  4. Pedals Fusion

    EarthQuaker Devices - Noisy Orchestra

    PEDALS: Earthquaker Devices - Afterneath reverb Earthquaker Devices - Arpanoid Earthquaker Devices - Avalanche Run delay Earthquaker Devices - Rainbow Machine No guitar...just pedals ;)