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  1. crazymauler

    Rush/Lifeson tones (HYF, ASoH, Presto, RtB) with modern equipment?

    I love Rush and Lifeson, and I'm quite fond of his tones from those albums mentioned. I realize many don't like this era, and there are other threads on Lifeson's tones before and after these albums, but I really love those albums and his tones and parts he created for them. I know pretty well...
  2. presence

    killer Neil Peart tribute by kid rocking R30 drum set

    I really enjoyed this. [Edit: changed thread title because I originally thought it was a girl.]
  3. Icculus The Prophet

    Boogie × Plexi: Two classic tones in one amp?

    I just started getting back into Rush and ZZ Top and MAN! That tone! :love: To make a long story short, are there any Mesa amps that can do a convincing plexi tone? Or if not, are there any amps that can do a boogie clean tone, smooth boogie overdrive, and a plexi overdrive. I'm looking for a...
  4. H

    DW Drumshop documentary (Neil Peart content)

    I don't have any affiliation with DW but I stumbled on this video last night. It's apparently free "for a limited time" whatever that may turn out to be. It's all about DW's approach to making drums. Skip to ~40min mark to begin the part about Neil and the making of his EPIC kit for the R40...
  5. H

    Alex, Geddy and Neil: anything happening?

    So, yeah, Rush is retired. Got it. I've done some googling and there are blurbs here and there describing possible musical stuff in the "future". I'm wondering if there are any people on TGP who might have more direct or reliable knowledge as to what the Guys (formerly) at Work might be getting...
  6. IGuitUpIGuitDown

    RUSH: 2112

    What are your thoughts about the album that saved their career?
  7. H

    Alex Lifeson: Limelight tutorial iVideo

    Some cool tips and a tutorial that Alex discusses some gear and settings for this song. I've been researching and working on building a patch that replicates this song's tone using my Helix. The song specific tutorial starts around 17 minutes in and he goes through each section. There isn't as...
  8. H

    Rush Live, Presto Tour '90

    I came upon this concert footage I'd never seen before. Not really a fan of the Signature guitars but I do love the Wal Bass. Enjoy