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  1. Scheckenbacker

    Name some gritty/lo-fi/nasty OD/dist pedals

    Hey folks, I've been trying to track down some gnarly, snarly OD and distortion, ones that have that old-school, ragged, gain-that's-been-dragged-through-bayou-mud sort of sound. Less Marshall, more Supro/Silvertone/Tweed Deluxe So far, the pedals that come to mind are: - Catalinbread Formula...
  2. flatdream

    silvertone 1448 amp in case

    Hey there, As usual I ve post the video already here and there but it s seems it s best here. that s a 1962 Silvertone 1448 shortscale guitar and its amp in case. Basic rock short demo from a Panda playing. I ve ad a fuzz in the 2nd part. As per the SG jr those 1 PU guitars are really no...
  3. King Loudness

    Some slide fun on my '59 Silvertone 1421

    Hey all, I thought some folks here on TGP might dig this hill country style blues improv that I did for my 365 Days of Guitar show on YouTube, featuring my '59 Silvertone 1421. I absolutely adore these old axes with the DeArmond pickups for playing blues. Hope you enjoy :) W.
  4. Scott Crucean

    This '68 Silvertone by Teisco is Surprisingly Awesome

    A few years ago I stumbled on this thing just hanging all dejected looking on the "used" wall at the Chicago Guitar Center. It looked very cool in that it reminded me instantly why I first fell in love with the look of an electric guitar. There are some of the coolest volume and tone knobs I've...
  5. F

    Replacement baffle or head cab for Silvertone 1482?

    I recently acquired a Silvertone 1482. Everything is in order except the back panel is missing (which appears quite common) and the baffle is damaged (which also appears fairly common). I am looking for either a replacement baffle or a head cab in which to house the chassis. Does anyone know of...
  6. ChrisCC

    Vintage Silvertone 1421 troubleshooting

    I have a vintage Silvertone 1421 (10xl) that I’m trying to get up and running. This is my first time working on an amp so I’m taking it slow. Schematic: http://schematicheaven.net/bargainbin/silvertone_1421.pdf I installed a 3-prong power cord and clipped the “death cap” but the amp still has...
  7. Buck W.

    Silvertone 1451 “Widowmaker” project

    Hello, y’all. I recently acquired this Silvertone 1451 guitar and case/amp combo. I realize this is one of the poster children for a widowmaker amp. $20 later, I believe I have a safe amp with little to no hum. Thought I would share the results, since there is little online about this amp and...
  8. Rust-O-Matic

    This weekend's Estate Auction Scores

    'Mornin, fellas. I drove 2.5 hours to an auction this weekend and stood around for 6 hours waiting to buy this stuff. How'd I do? Sorry for the separate pic link; I still can't figure out how to post them directly in my thread... Amp #1 is a yellow tweed 1957 National. It was listed in the...
  9. gerrickreidenbach

    Is any 50k pot usable for permanent bias adjustment?

    I have a Silvertone 1484 arriving next week and the mods for this amp presented in GW's book All About Vacuum Tube Guitar Amplifiers caught my eye. He recommends using a cermet pot for the bias adjustment mod but will any pot work?
  10. hank57

    Lap Slide from neighbor

    There is a dumpster down the street and a couple of brothers cleaning out the home of their mother. They are putting out free items but I asked if there were any stringed instruments or tube amplified radios or amps in the house. And they an aunts lap slide. Case is faux ostrich on the outside...
  11. axdxm

    Is there a pedal that emulates the Silvertone 1482 amp?

    I have one of these amps and the character of the breakup is a beautiful thing. Its almost a marshally breakup and the cleans are beautiful. Definitely it's own thing, though! Here's a quick clip I recorded (guitar direct to amp). Used my Danocaster single cut. Anyway, I know there is a...
  12. S

    Silvertone 1484 - One speaker setup

    I am a Silvertone 1484 owner and I am looking to have an alternative to the 2x12 setup. While it sounds nice and loud with the 2x12's, I am in need of a 1 speaker option that is easier to carry to practice and gigs at smaller venues. Any ideas on size, wattage, etc... ? Also, If using just one...
  13. Adam79

    Silvertone 1484 vs 1485

    Ever since I played a 1484 at a local store, I can't stop thinking about it. Decent cleans and one of the coolest, spacey and original sounding reverb I've ever heard. Unfortunately the tremolo wasn't working; I've read that it rules as well. The store was packed, so it was hard to really get...
  14. Doug Tulloch

    Interesting 1961 One-Off Danelectro

    This guitar is unique even by Danelectro standards. George Wooster was Danelectro's shop foreman in 1961. He had this made from a sketch he drew at home. It is a one off design. Also, solid poplar body/neck {not hollow Masonite}, and a very nicely figured Brazilian rosewood fretboard.
  15. OctopusKing

    Hello, greetings from the south country!!

    Hi, I'm new from Chile, from the end of the world! Been looking some goodies here in the US. You guys got everything!! Kinda suck to get some good equipment back in my country. I'm actually looking for Fulltone pedals (Deja vibe and soul bender) Currently, playing my MIJ 62 Telecaster...
  16. B

    Silvertone 1483 Issue

    I'm having an issue with a 1483 Silvertone head, which I think may have something to do with the output tubes bias. When a guitar is plugged into either channel, the signal is heard through an attached 8Ω speaker, but with sharp ugly distortion even at low volumes. When one of the tubes is...
  17. TheComaCalling

    HELP!!! '64 Harmony BOBKAT issue.

    Hey All! I acquired a '64 Harmony Bobkat that had been put through the ringer for only $15 bucks from a dude who said it had been his grandfather's and that he had no use for it. The Pickguard had been smashed in and was missing the output jack, missing a couple of those D shaped knobs and was...
  18. Christopher Wiegering

    5 way Rotary switch 3 pickup 2 tone 2 volume challenge

    Well I am new to the forum, but I´ve been reading it for years now. I finally have a question I cant solve anywhere else!. And it goes like this: I am a Silvertone guitar collector. I love those old kinda cheap looking marvels. Every once and a while I will "inovate".... this is one of those...
  19. ramonneke76

    Harmony H1260 Jumbo vs Silvertone Jumbo 618

    Hi, I am on the hunt for a nice jumbo acoustic. I am really going for that big sound with lots of bass... A little store in my area have a mid 60's Harmony Jumbo H1260 (x-brace I think) and a 50's Silvertone 618 Jumbo (ladder braced). The Silvertone is basically a Kay 22. Love the tea burst on...
  20. Godsend428

    Pyuma stamped harp tailpiece

    I'm uncertain of how to post a pic on here. Odd format for me. I found a guitar - it is pictured as my avatar, the harp tailpiece has Pyuma stamp on it, it appears to be a Chicago Musical Instrument Company guitar. Original pickguard, good binding, dot inlays (not painted) If anyone can help...
  21. Godsend428

    Hollowbody with Pyuma Harp Tailpiece

    I have a guy wanting to trade me an old Hollowbody guitar (I couldn't figure out how to post pics on this site) 1. It has no serial number (anywhere) 2. It has true fretmarker inlay dots 3. It has Pyuma engraved into the harp tailpiece. 4. Matching pickguard 5. Looks like a Harmony or Stella 6...
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