split wood

  1. B

    2-piece body coming unglued

    I picked up this '94 Hamer Daytona and I think she looks great—stock roller nut and all. After my first night playing it I noticed this small split underneath the bridge and didn't think much of it. The next day I took off the pick guard and saw that the split is bigger than I thought and can...
  2. UpperBout

    Split Neck / Failed Repair on Steinberger GT Pro end of neck

    I bought this for really cheap on eBay, with the intention of repairing it and using it as a travel guitar. This is how it arrived: I repaired it by drilling out the trashed holes, plugging them with a dowel, injecting titebond into the cracks, and clamping down for 24 hours, using a wood...
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