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  1. Godsend428

    Pyuma stamped harp tailpiece

    I'm uncertain of how to post a pic on here. Odd format for me. I found a guitar - it is pictured as my avatar, the harp tailpiece has Pyuma stamp on it, it appears to be a Chicago Musical Instrument Company guitar. Original pickguard, good binding, dot inlays (not painted) If anyone can help...
  2. Godsend428

    Hollowbody with Pyuma Harp Tailpiece

    I have a guy wanting to trade me an old Hollowbody guitar (I couldn't figure out how to post pics on this site) 1. It has no serial number (anywhere) 2. It has true fretmarker inlay dots 3. It has Pyuma engraved into the harp tailpiece. 4. Matching pickguard 5. Looks like a Harmony or Stella 6...
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