1. greenlemon

    Mod Large headstock to small headstock??

    Hi everyone! Is it possible to convert a large strat headstock to small headstock? Will it work? I havent seen any post or information about this Thank you!
  2. Scheckenbacker

    Need help identifying a newer Strat model

    Found a loaded Strat body for sale locally, but owner doesn't identify what kind. However, there's some things about it that might help me at least have some idea what it is. - cherry burst (afaik, somewhat uncommon for Strats) - two-post bridge - rectangular bridge saddles - microtilt hole (no...
  3. greenlemon

    Guitar body? Warmoth, Guitar Mill, Allparts??

    Hi everyone, I'm thinking of building a partscaster and interested in an unfinished two piece alder body (vintage style). I am considering of finishing the body with acrylic lacquer (nitro spray paint are difficult to find in New Zealand). I am considering either Warmoth, Guitar Mill or...
  4. M

    Strandberg for a kiesel?

    Have a strandberg Salen and kind of miss the strat tone as opposed to the tele tone I’m getting. Have a guy willing to trade his kiesel Zeus with three single coil setup for my strandberg salen deluxe. I know my guitar is worth more but I want the strat tone. What should I do?
  5. strattone75

    Killer vibes...DIMARZIO loaded HRRI 1962 Strat

    i just installed the Area 61 set in my strat and am loving the vibe here is a little castles made of sand
  6. Danrose

    Thoughts on Lake Placid Blue Road Worn Strat?

    Hey guys, Just wanting to know your thoughts on the 2020 60s lake placid blue road worn strats? I love how they look, but 1g seems a little much for a road worn.
  7. J

    Modifying Custom Shop Strats? Is this a fake?

    I am in contact with a seller in my area that is selling a 2012 custom shop strat. Apparently it has all the paperwork, but there are 2 things about it that are questionable to me: first, the guy replaced the neck with a worn custom shop neck, and he had it repainted to be a burst (apparently to...
  8. Cainer

    woodsheddin some twang on a train beat

    Well, tours are all cancelled, so what else to do but stay home and woodshed on some twang.
  9. I

    Seymour Duncan‘a and Strat Parts

    Hi, I can’t find any posts about this and I’m hoping you guys can help me. First of all, I have a 2015 American Standard Strat with Custom Shop Fat 50’s pickups in it but I would like to put a humbucker in the bridge. I have bought a Parchment coloured Hot Rails pickup for my bridge and I’m...
  10. A

    NGD: The most gorgeous super strat I've ever seen in person

    I had been looking around for a unique guitar with strat sounds, a humbucker, and something to really let me explore the world of floating trems more. And after weeks of hunting I stumbled across this gem. 1980's (I think '86) Peavey Impact 1. Look at how pretty she is. Just bought her last...
  11. T

    Anyone prefer SINGLE COIL bridge rock tones over Bridge Humbucker??

    I normally prefer playing a Humbucker guitar for overdriven Bridge pickup rock tones. I currently own an SSS Strat, an Epiphone Sheraton (335 style semi) with mini-hums and a Vintage Brand V100 LP clone. Of course the LP sounds massive on the bridge pickup with overdrive and the mini-humbucker...
  12. X

    HSS Strat - volume drop in position 2 and 4 only at E string

    Hi everybody, I have a HSS Strat type guitar. Using position 2 ( and 4 with the hunbucker splitted) I am dealing with a significant output/volume drop. But not the general one, the volume drops only at the (bass) E string. Rest of the strings are fine. Also position 3 (middle pickup alone) is...
  13. silot

    Shred: Ibanez js1000 vs Kotzen Strat

    Long time no see, I know but many ugly things can happen in 6-7 years. Anyway, I think I want a shred one these days and I have these two for sale locally. ibz around $800 and RK at $1350 and I am thinking of getting one just for fun but I don’t want to lose money when I’ll let it go. All...
  14. D

    Finally got to play a gig again - in LIVE TV

    Hey everyone! Had the honor to play some geetar in one of Sweden's biggest TV channels yesterday! Hope you dig it and please like my Facebook artist page if you wanna keep up to date with what I'm up to :) All the best, David
  15. Jecht

    Warmoth Build - Tips?

    I've just gone through the process of planning a warmoth build and I'm just wondering what I need to know for final assembly. Last year I built a partscaster and did all of the painting and finishing myself, but have decided to forego that process this time. I'm just wondering what I need to...
  16. G

    JTM45, Fuzz Face, Strat and Band Mix

    Will the combination of a JTM45 (Mojotone e34l's) Fuzz Face (JHF1) Strat (HSS) VOX Wah a little spring reverb have any problems cutting through a band mix with 2 guitars? Provided I use no other pedals, od's, treble boosters and just ride the guitar volume and tone knobs? Have You Experienced?
  17. saltbird

    Help! Strat volume knob is basically useless below 8

    One thing I don't have much experience with is swapping guitar electronics. I've just never messed with it much. Usually the stock ones work just fine for me except I have one strat in particular that seems to kill most of the volume once the volume knob drops below 8. At 10 it's loud and clear...
  18. G

    Help! Need to ID vintage strat...

    I bought this Stratocaster from Norman's Rare Guitars a few years ago. It is "translucent blonde" with gold hardware. Norm told me it was a 1989 Mary Kaye Reissue Strat. Ive been doing a ton of research and haven't found anything that matches what I have. Please help! Im looking to sell it and I...
  19. G

    Help! Need to ID vintage strat...

    I bought this Stratocaster from Norman's Rare Guitars a few years ago. It is "translucent blonde" with gold hardware. Norm told me it was a 1989 Mary Kaye Reissue Strat. Ive been doing a ton of research and haven't found anything that matches what I have. Please help! Im looking to sell it and I...
  20. Humble Texan Fan

    Weight of a vintage Strat body.

    Right, so as isolatory therapy I've decided to put together a Strat style axe. This would ough to be an ash bodied maple neck per '54 spec. What would you say is the ideal weight if such a body? In kgs I have untreated bodies ranging from 1.6 to 2.0 to choose from, basically. I hear one of...
  21. SkydogFan81

    Best Strat knobs (vintage style)

    I'm building a partscaster and need some plastic. Please share your recommendations for Fender plastic. I'm a LP guy and checked DMC, Throbak, and Creamtone, but didn't find anything. Thx
  22. HonkyBach

    Ceramic single coil pickup builders

    Hey all, I recently played around with a friends cheapo Japanese strat and found that I really liked the pickups. They reminded me of some other 'lower end' strat types that I liked the pickups on in the past. With the volume rolled down they have attack but are round and bouncy. With the...
  23. solderedmyfingerstogether

    help: my strat doesn't quack!!

    So basically I have a partscaster that doesn't quack. The bridge position sounds more like a shrill humbucker, though that's mostly because of the pickup and I'm pretty happy with that sound anyways. Positions 2 and 4 have barely any discernible quack and NONE of the pickup positions (1-5) have...
  24. Phillip1806

    Gotoh 510t-sf1 questions

    Hello, I just have a quick question regarding the Gotoh 510t-sf1. So I just installed the 2 bushings into the body of my Strat (basswood) and put in the strings and springs. Upon tuning up I notice that the bushings were practically being pulled or lifted out of the body as I did so. Does...

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