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  1. H

    HSS recommendations for Ash/Maple Strat

    Hey everyone! I'm proud owner of an Eric van de Haar SSS Stratocaster (Body is Swamp Ash, Neck is One Piece QS Maple). It looks, plays and sounds fantastic! After I looked under the pickguard recently I recognized it's routed for a HSS setup. So I immediately had the idea to throw a Humbucker...
  2. S

    Mojotone Stratocaster Pickups?

    I'm doing a guitar build. As far as pickups I'm thinking about going with mojotone. I'm looking at there 59 clone, 69 clone, and classic strat pickups. Anyone have any experience with these? I'm shooting for that classic vintage tone, very john mayer continuum sound. For anyone wondering I'll be...
  3. N

    Piezo and magnetic in a strat...how?

    Hi all, I have a beautiful deluxe sss strat to which I would like to add a piezo element. My goal is sensing both body and strings vibration, imitating the "magic button" in ronin guitars, so I purchased a 3 cm piezo disk with a volume pot. Now, my idea is to put the piezo under the neck pickup...
  4. L

    Thornbucker or Thornbucker+ for HSS stratocaster

    I have a Fender Stratocaster (Japan) that I want to modify into HSS. I have purchased Suhr ML single coils for the neck and middle positions and I'm thinking about getting a Thornbucker for the bridge. I can't decide between the regular Thornbucker and the Thornbucker+. I'm not quite sure what...
  5. metrokosmiko


    I have a Fender American Professional Stratocaster HSS. My plan was to keep it stock but I'm not really happy with the tone options the stock wiring gives. I am not a big quack user and I especially don't like position 2. It sounds too congested in the mids because the Shawbucker is not set to...
  6. S

    Blank Pickguards for strat?

    I'm doing a strat/tele hybrid guitar build. I'm trying find a decent tortoiseshell pickguard that hasn't been cut for controls yet. I found on on ebay that looks decent. Looking for suggestions. Also, I'm having some trouble finding out what ply number would be vintage correct for tortoiseshell...
  7. greenlemon

    Strat Pickup SUGGESTIONS??

    Hi everyone, I am interested for some pickup suggestions. My max price range is $200ish (USD) for set of three. These are what I had/ tried: -Fender CS69 pickup (neck position): I like the glassy tone and openness but wish it was slight stronger (hotter) and had more "umph". The pickup...
  8. Dannyz

    NGD: Fender Road Worn 50s Strat 09' (pic heavy)

    A bit late but last month ive acquired a mint condition 09' Fender Road Worn 50s Strat in sunburst finish. The thing that triggered the GAS for a 50s sunburst strat was watching some Eric Johnson videos and some RHCP/Frusciante ones. I was a 70s strat lover (i already have an AV 70s with...
  9. saitama

    Highwood saddles size help

    Hello everyone - I wanted to try out those Highwood saddles on my American std Stratocaster but it appears that Highwood has several sizes to choose from. Does anyone know what size I should get? or how I can find out? The guitar is an American-made Fender Strat with the vintage-style saddles...
  10. mrsongbird

    “September Gurls” Saturday Jam

    One of my favorite Strat position 2 songs- I normally avoid the quacky notches, but this one is a classic. Hope you enjoy!
  11. K

    Which single coils go well with the Seymour Duncan Custom Custom?

    Hello! I am putting together an HSS Stratocaster with Seymour Duncan Custom Custom at the bridge position. I would like to achieve the Seymour Duncan SSL-1 type of sound at the neck position. Since the SSL-1 pickup has a quite lower output than the humbucker it can't be used, right? Which...
  12. Danrose

    Thoughts on Lake Placid Blue Road Worn Strat?

    Hey guys, Just wanting to know your thoughts on the 2020 60s lake placid blue road worn strats? I love how they look, but 1g seems a little much for a road worn.
  13. T

    Recorded and filmed this song in my living room

    Started using Reaper as a DAW in February and finished my second original song recently! Recorded it in my living room and filmed this video there, as well! would love to hear what you think!
  14. H

    Supervee Trem Upgrade on a Fender Dave Murray

    This guitar came stock from the factory with a vintage tremelo unit. It’s a first year Fender USA Dave Murray black Stratocaster with HSH configuration. Dimarzio 36th anniversary PAF neck pickup, fender 50’s middle, and a Dimarzio Super Distorion. 3 way switch and vintage tuners. I like having...
  15. D

    Line6 DL4 settings for John Mayer tone

    Hey all, I recently bought a DL4 by Line6. And as you all know, its a great pedal but with tooo many options to choose from. as many of my folks here. I’m trying to achieve the unachievable John Mayer’s tone and would like to know if anyone has figured out some settings om this pedal that...
  16. Larsenpeople

    Matching bridge for neck p90

    Hello, I have a thorn gt90 (Stapletop) neck lying on a shelf that needs a mate. It will go into a japan SQ stratocaster from around 84. This guitar has two hot hand wound paf right now, but it doesn’t get played a lot. Years have made me a single coil lover. So, I will make a new plate with the...
  17. Mantras

    what does it make a strat o tele dull ,noob silly question

    Hi last week , in a store , i have played several stratocaster professional usa and mexican player ,all sunburst and sss (3 single coil ) and after i have played some telecaster professional usa e mexican player , same amp , a fender baseman all the guitar with rosewood and pau ferro fretboard...
  18. AC North

    How old is this Fernandes strat?

    Just picked up this marvelous Fernandes strat and was wondering if anyone knows what vintage this might be? The neck plate is marked "Made in Japan" and I think it's from later than at least the mid-80s. I can't find a serial number. It had been sitting in somebody's basement and looks more than...
  19. Tonycaster

    new single recorded live @ gecko sound studio

    here's another single from the upcoming album "Better, Like A Machine" from Mariafausta, hope you like it
  20. silot

    Shred: Ibanez js1000 vs Kotzen Strat

    Long time no see, I know but many ugly things can happen in 6-7 years. Anyway, I think I want a shred one these days and I have these two for sale locally. ibz around $800 and RK at $1350 and I am thinking of getting one just for fun but I don’t want to lose money when I’ll let it go. All...
  21. Guppie

    Stratocaster pickup dilemma. Advice please.

    Before this becomes a "boutique name dropping circle jerk": limited budget, would like to stick to the readily available brands like SD, Fender, Dimarzio and such. Maybe looking to buy second hand. Really. I play alternative/post rock. Semi clean to high gain distortion/wall of fuzz. My main...
  22. C

    Sweetwater Fender Custom Shop GT11 Stratocaster

    After looking for ages to find my ideal strat configuration on the used market, I gave up and was working on a team build custom order from FCS... but quickly learned I would be spending over $5k for the options I wanted, which was approaching masterbuilt prices. Not keen on waiting 6 months or...
  23. E

    Help needed finding guitar

    I’m looking for an 80s or 90s MIJ fender or Squier strat that weighs around 6lbs. Haven’t been able to find any light like that. Lol can you guys help?
  24. ClaptonAddict

    Musikraft Neck '59 Truss Rod Option for '64 Stratocaster Inspired Build?

    I'm trying to spec out a neck to use for a partscaster build I'm working on. I'm hoping to get the guitar to resemble a '64 strat as much as I can with a few tweaks here and there. My question is regarding the truss rod adjustment screw in the neck. Musikraft offers a '59 style heel adjustment...