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    Les Paul Classic high e string sounds dull

    Hi guys! I swapped out my Les paul classic's bridge for Faber ABR-1, set it up and everything is great except the first string. It sounds dull and thin and quiet, both acoustic and when plugged in. It's like this on all frets but when it's open it's not that much dull. I lowered pickups...
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    Any reason why an external tap tempo wouldn't work with a thin patch cable?

    Hey, I'm in the process of rewiring my pedal board using sp400 plugs and Van Damme Unbalanced Pro Patch LITE Cable: Signal chain through my...
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    HELP Humbucker Thin Sound

    Hey I have a problem with my bridge humbucker... it sounds really thin without any base and is also quieter. My luthier and I are running out of ideas. the pickup seems to work (right DC, and we tapped both coils). We checked all solder joints and even changed out the switch. Also the tone pot...
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    Lovepedal High Power Tweed Twin - hard to control

    Hi All, I recently got the Lovepedal High Power Tweed Twin pedal and I think it is an absolutely amazing sounding pedal. That is when it is run with guitar volume knob all the way up. Whenever I try to control the gain / volume with the guitar knob there is a drastic effect on the pedal and it...
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