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  1. Andrea Maccianti

    Neural DSP Fortin Nameless Guitar Plugin

    Lots of fun with Fortin Nameless Guitar Plugin by Neural DSP. Hope you enjoy!
  2. A

    Hotone Ampero PA System Problem

    Hello everyone, I am new here, nice to meet you all. I was experiencing some issues with the Hotone Ampero couple days ago when i used it for a live gig. Hopefully i can learn from you guys and learn from my mistakes. I just don't know which part went wrong. When we were doing sound test, after...
  3. I

    How to "Fake" a Gibson Firebird Tone?

    I've recently fallen in love with the unique nature of the fantastic Gibson Firebird. I am digging the sound. Crunchy, open, jangly. That whole "between a Tele and Les Paul thing is working for me. Seems like a really awesome answer for a double-hum style (yes, I know, they aren't really...
  4. Andrea Maccianti

    Neural DSP Fortin Nameless Guitar Plugin

    I love this plugin! In the video you can find my settings! Hope you enjoy!
  5. J

    Clapton: It’s in the way that you use it solo tone

    Hello everyone: could anyone please help me with getting a sound close to the end solo. I’m using a Clapton strat, fender custom champ, I’ve got a tube screamer, boss ce2 chorus is there a phaser and delay in it aswell? any help is greatly appreciated, Thanks!
  6. Pessy Mackels Jesus

    Diezel Herbert vs. Weehbo Bastard vs. Friedman OD BE Deluxe

    Looking at all three of these pedals, trying to deduce which one I want. I play through a Marshall JCM800 with KT88's. I'm looking for a pedal for my metal rhythm and lead tones, but versatility is also important. I have my regular light overdrive figured out, so I'm looking for one to produce...
  7. Mr Single Coil

    Modding a strat? New amp?

    Hello, fellow guitarists! I mainly play metal (Metallica style), but also compose clean stuff with delay. Searching for my tone, i want to make some changes. I have a clean amp and four pedals (a Big Muff, a boss DD200, a dual drive and a wah). I'm very happy with my clean tone, but can't...
  8. Toneworks

    Matchless Chieftain Kemper Profile settings

    Matchless Chieftain Kemper Settings Do you have a Kemper and looking for a true beautiful clean tone? But you are also looking for a clean tone that doesn't sound boring, that actually has some sustain, that doesn't sound wimpy, thinnish, that takes pedal well, something that has its own...
  9. AStrangeDay

    "From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea" Porl Thompson Lead Tone

    I've been obsessed by this song since the first time i heard it. I LOVE it and it's probably in my top 4 favourite song ever. But, anyway.... I love Porl/Pearl Thompson as a guitarist and i love how he performed this song live. I've been tone chasing to get his sound forever. I know he used...
  10. CoryA

    Pickups for Ichika Nito/clean lofi tone?

    Hey everyone, I’m looking for a set of pickups for my strat to get the sparkly clean tone that Ichika Nito gets. I’m aware a compressor is a large factor in the tone, not to mention hands, but mine simply aren’t cutting it. I have very hot pickups (Fender deluxe drives) which work great for an...
  11. S

    Germino lead 55

    Ideally I’d get a headroom 100 brand new but my budget is 2k. They never show up in the used market. However I see lead 55s all the time for 1600-1800$ used. I know they have similar circuits and characteristics but still a bit different sounding. I play a lot of Hendrix RHCP and zeppelin. I’m...
  12. Guitarjon

    That Hetfield crunch

    Hey everyone, This was fun! So I made an attempt at recreating the Metallica James Hetfield rhythm crunch tone. Not a tone based on a specific album but perhaps a nice blend of the old and new stuff. I wanted the rig to be simple, so no amp blending etc. and I think I came pretty close! I used...
  13. Jutaika

    Pedals versus modeler?

    I just tried something different last night. I usually play HX Stomp with headphones and pedals with amps. So I laid out pedals on my home studio desk in this order: 1. Petty John Electronics - LIFT (I left it "off" so it's just a buffer that puts a little extra polish on my raw guitar...
  14. M

    Helix/stomp users, need advice, chasing The Strokes tone

    I have a Helix, and I've been trying to capture this tone(Verses&Chorus) I believe the guitarist uses a Mel9. I was really hoping/expecting that at the price the helix, the synths would be up to par, and they have improved them over the years but I'm wondering if I should just downsize to a HX...
  15. Jwblack

    Weird Alien Guitar Sounds

    These weird and wonderful tones were brought to you by Guitar Rig LOL
  16. Andrea Maccianti

    My settings on the Fender Deluxe 85 Red Knobs

    Today I wanted to take a quick video with my smartphone on my old Fender Deluxe 85 Red Knobs amplifier. Since several times I have been asked about my settings, in this video I show them to you. It is the same setting that I have kept for more than 20 years. I plugged a Boss DD3 Digital Delay...
  17. H

    Strat neck pickup to tele neck pickup to...

    Hey! I've owned a Fender Stratocaster Plus (the one with Gold Lace Sensor pickups) since the 1990s and nothing has been able to dislodge it as my favourite until.... During lockdown I bought a Squier Affinity Telecaster to start playing with open tunings and explore a bit of guitar maintenance...
  18. D

    Help finding the right guitar

    Hi, new guy here. I like many genres and prefer to play very clean with a very open sounding lead tone. Sort of like a jazz or Jazz rock style from the late 70s. A lot of my guitar heroes come from that era. I can't afford something like a Gibson Es-335 at the moment but I want something similar...
  19. S

    Jimmy Page TSRTS tone quest

    I'm looking for that live Page tone from his show at MSG 1973. I really don't like his other live tones after 73 they sound to thin to me and less driven. His rig for that show was Les paul-> wah-> echoplex->marshall superlead modded with kt88 power tubes. I currently play a les paul through a...
  20. Z

    Thoughts on Getting This Incredible Fuzz Tone

    I've recently become very interested in a tune that features, what sounds like, a guitar tone with an incredible amount of clear fuzz. Being a guitarist for quite a while posessing a modest rig, with the original intention being to emulate David Gilmour's tones, I came across the aforementioned...
  21. W

    The Sonic Youth?

    Hi, i want to find the perfect Sonic Youth Tone. What you can recomend me, cuz I have 2 options, Boss BD-2 And Boss DS-2. There are right or there are something better(but not too expensive)? Thanks! ;)
  22. I

    PRS 35th Anniversary SE Custom 24

    Hi everyone, I bought a PRS 35th Anniversary SE Custom 24 and it's a really nice guitar. I really like the neck, weight and how it feels overall. I do like the coil-split functionality, but for some reason I don't like the humbucker sounds. This is specially evident with the neck pickup, it...
  23. AlexPrice

    Helix / HX Stomp Clean Tone Tips

    Someone once commented and called me the Helix clean tone guy so here are a few of my favorite tips for getting the most with the Helix amps. Basically, this walkthrough will be plenty of technical info mixed with just general advice on technique since that is such a huge part of it. Know that...
  24. Andrea Maccianti

    How to get Hard Rock guitar tone with Neural DSP's Fortin Nameless Plugin

    Hey friends! Is it possible to get Hard Rock sound with Neural DSP Fortin Nameless? For me yes, it is possible. In this video I give you some advice on how to get softer sounds that go on Hard Rock and classic Heavy Metal. As we know, this beautiful plugin has been advertised a lot in the Grind...
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