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  1. G

    Orange Micro Dark Tube Swaps

    Here is the extended version of the MIcro Dark tube swap video. Enjoy! Youtube Link!
  2. L

    Standby. Turning On and Off a tube amp

    Hi, I'm New to the "Tube Amp World". So I have a few questions: 1) Is it ok to plug or unplug the guitar when the amp is in Standby mode with the master volume (and pre amp gain if this matters) rolled up? 2) Is it ok to plug or unplug cables to or from the effects loop in the same situation...
  3. COYS

    Is this tube red plating?

    I'm a bit of a novice with amps but I've been learning and I did a first attempt at biasing an amp myself using an older pair of tubes I had on hand, and a modern Princeton Reverb reissue. The power tubes are Tung-Sol 6V6. (I have a Eurotubes bias probe that I'm using to measure so the amp...
  4. De Batz

    Help me find a very specific overdrive sound...

    Right then. I used to own a Soldano SuperCharger GTO. I sold it. I regret selling it, because it did something that none of my other stuff does. Lockdown has probably made me a little more gear-lustful, having no opportunities to crank the big stuff... Anyway, the Cornford amp isn't far off...
  5. T

    Tube noise question

    So I've taken a punt on some ANOS tubes on fleabay (8 in total), mostly Mullard i61 and i63 that are all working well and sounding good in my AC30. However, there's one Valvo ECC83 I bought that was listed as a Mullard, but which I knew was a Hamburg tube from the date code and 45-degree...
  6. Z

    Replace tubes with solid state? (and yes, you read that right)

    Hi there, I am very new to any gear beyond my guitar itself. However, I recently become interested in building amps, effects, etc. Anyway, I found schematics for a Fender Champ 5F1 and a 5E1. I would like to build some, for all the reasons people normally want to build their own amps. That...
  7. Victor ®


    Hello, I am a tube equipment builder from Russia. Check the devices I made on victor custom workshop
  8. sorlati

    Kingsley Page Demo (Humbuckers)

    Here’s a video of the Kingsley Page into a Tonemaster Deluxe Reverb, let me know what you guys think! I love it as an always on pedal, but the drive has worked great on gigs as well!
  9. NoiseNinja

    [NPreAD] Art Tube MP Project Series tube preamp!

    Been working on my amp-less setup for a while (for my 4 string 28,6" scale Ibanez Mikro Bass, tuned to G1 standard tuning, as in 3 half steps above regular E standard 4 string bass tuning, equipped with a DiMarzio Model P P pickup wired directly to the output jack socket, and run through an...
  10. Lobster

    Power tube use?

    Hello all, This is one of my RCA 6L6GC tubes from my amp. The tube tests excellent electrically on a Hickok. Does this "pinkening" and some faint halos on the getter flash have any indication of how much the tube was used? Is this pink color simply from the reaction of gas in the tube? Any...
  11. WorldOfJohnboy

    Suggestions on a Tube Amp with specific rig

    Hello all. I have a question I'm hoping I can get some good suggestions. First, here's my current setup: Various guitars (including Acoustic Electrics) going into a Fender Ultimate Chorus SS amp (it's 2x 60w) Custom effects pedal board with pretty much everything covered (tuner, 2x...
  12. Yoasis

    Mesa Stiletto Ace (combo) redplate, R62 issue

    Mesa Stiletto Ace combo, basically no output and if there is its very distorted and weak. Leapfrogged a new 12ax7 through every spot and no change. Power tube swap and no change BUT I did notice one EL34L redplating. With that, I flipped over the chassis and carefully looked for any issues. When...
  13. G

    Orange Micro Dark with tube swaps!

    Orange Micro Dark Swapped out the preamp tube with 12AX7's from Electro Harmonix, Ruby and Mullard to see how much of a difference it makes. Schecter Hellraiser reamped from interface -> Radial Engineering Reamp ->Orange Micro Dark ->Marshall JCM 900 1960A cabinet-> Golden Age Project Active...
  14. Chrishash

    What are the Tube Pedals that have blown you away?

    I had previously only messed around with tube-powered Boosts and Drives but have recently stumbled upon a Delay (Erica Synths Zen Delay) and Phaser (Effectrode Phaseomatic) and am really impressed by the richness/ fullness of sound as well as the Headroom and General feel these pedals seem to...
  15. burgerman

    Most suitable devices in generating very aggressive distortion sounds especially for modern metal

    Noob question alert. In your opinion, which one of these things : 1. Power tubes such as EL34, EL84, etc. 2. Preamp tubes such as 12AX7 3. Solid state electronics such as integrated chips, transistors, diodes, etc. ...that will EASILY produce the most aggressive distortion that are mostly...
  16. T

    Question for H&K Black Spirit owners?

    Could someone please check and see if the “sagging” control has any effect when a separate outboard preamp or pedal that functions as a preamp is routed into the “return” of the effects loop? I’m looking to run outboard preamps through the loop and to still get the benefits of the “spirit tone...
  17. Secan Pandies

    ART Tube PAC: Identify and Change Filter Capacitors

    So recently, a friend of mine handed me one of his two ART Tube PAC Preamp/Compressor devices. He wanted to mod it (change tubes and filter capacitors) to have a better gain control and a better frequency response in the midrage area. I took it home and started the deep search for the circuit...
  18. G

    PRS amplifiers - any good?

    Finally liking PRS starting w/Silver Sky & now McCarty 594 (awesome guitars). Researching PRS amps but doesn't seem to be much love for them (even JM doesn't really use his JMOD). Why is that? Are they not great or did they get pigeon-holed into a certain genre?
  19. kipper15

    Tung-Sol Reissue 12AX7 reissue question

    Can anyone confirm if this is short plate tube suitable for use in a Fender '68 Custom Princeton Reverb amp to replace the stock 12AX7s? I believe the stock Groove Tubes tubes are re-branded JJs. https://www.hotroxuk.com/tung-sol-re-issue-12ax7.html I'm just looking for a straight yes/no...
  20. I

    Alternatives to H&K Tube Factor decades later?

    Hello there, good people of TGP. Most of the discussion of the Hughes and Kettner Tube Factor I've been able to find online has been done here, so I specifically created an account to ask you this question: In the year 2020, with more incredible pedals available than any person could ever hope...
  21. Hulakatt

    ZVex iMP Amp?

    Anyone try one of these for powering some small bookshelf speakers? There starting to pop up used more, before you were lucky to ever find one used. They're getting cheap enough to be attractive. I do have a ZVex Nano amp and, while it does have it's shortcomings and limitations, I find it an...
  22. 1Note2Many

    Where Do You Buy Your Replacement Tubes?

    I just purchased a new tweed 65 Princeton and want to stock a set of good quality replacement tubes. These should last quite a while, but 'just in case' I wan't some backups, and don't want to waste my money on junk (and would prefer to avoid Chinese for the obvious reason). 1. Where do you...
  23. derek_is_eric

    NPD: Effectrode PC-2A Compressor

    Just got this compressor today and so far, I'm really enjoying it. I'm not that well versed in compressors, I just know I like to round things off a touch and to add a bit of boost if possible. This being tube-powered is a definite plus, although I was not prepared for how hot it got (and...
  24. T

    Operated tube head without load?

    Hey everyone, so I was stupidly playing my Traynor YCS100H2 amp head with headphones and no speakers or load connected. I played for maybe up to an hour, not entirely sure, before something told me to see if I should be doing that. I had the cables still connected to the amp but not connected to...
  25. G

    Is a Fulltone TTE gigworthy?

    I know it needs timely maintenance, but from what I've read people prefer to use those in their studios??? I have seen a couple of big names use these in their gigs, but of course they have somebody to take care of their stuff. So are these reliable enough that they can withstand being on the...