1. OilCityAaron

    What to Build, other than a Twin Reverb, with a Twin Reverb Kit?

    About six months ago I ordered a bunch of kits from Ted Weber. I mean a bunch. And in the confusion ended up with one more Twin Reverb head kit than needed. So, if you had all the parts to make a Twin Reverb head, but didn't want or need another one, what would you build instead? Obviously the...
  2. J503

    1968 Gibson Falcon tube amp

    Hi all, Bought my first vintage and tube amp today. $20 @ moving sale. Everything works fine. Tremolo and Excellent reverb as well.. gotta say it was a good day.
  3. L

    Digitech TwinTube

    Anyone know if these a factory reset function for the Digitech Twin Tube GFX1? Just acquired one and it’s been heavily customized so I’d just like to start fresh.
  4. Short Tooth

    Can a pedal blow a tube?..

    Is there any situation where a pedal in front, or a pedal in the loop can send enough signal to blow a tube? Anything to be careful or concerned about? Even a malfunctioning pedal? Also, is it normal for a tube to blow in the channel not being used, and moreover effect the channel being used...
  5. C

    Fender Princeton reverb power tube issue

    Hi! My Princeton reverb amp has no output at all. No hum no crackle nothing even if I turn volume up. I think it’s the two power tubes that are bad. Neither of them glow. The main rectifier tube is glowing and eg the power light in the front is on and I tested the fuse is still ok. I took out...
  6. A

    Is hitting the front of a tube amp, bad for the tubes?

    Hello! I have a Blackstar HT club 40 MKII, which has two clean and two dirty channels. I normally use it on the 'less gainy' dirty channel with the gain set very low to 9 o'clock, and I hit the front of it with a Xotic EP booster, set at max level. With this settings, I have burnt the front...
  7. P

    Can someone help me identify this 12ax7 tube?

    Hi all, recently I got this tube as a gift and since there is no name on it can some expert tell me which 12ax7 is this? Thank you
  8. NoiseNinja

    Your Always On, Non Amp (not including preamps), Tube Devices! (pedals, rack units e.t.c, preamps, compressors, drives e.t.c)

    This thread is meant for people who utilizes always on, non amp (not including preamps), tube based devices, such as pedals, rack units e.t.c, preamps, compressors, drives e.t.c.. So let's hear what you use, why and how you use it, and eventual post some pictures of your always on tube units as...
  9. RawDawg

    Tube combo with solid loop for F12-X200?

    Hey all, I have been rocking the Axe 3 very happily lately, but after a few months really going to town on it I find I am missing some of that tube magic yet. I definitely plug it into my SS Head and 4x12, but I wanted to grab a solid tube combo that would lend itself nicely to being gutted and...
  10. N

    Microphonic tube, or bad mount?

    Hey all, I’ve found a tube in my amp that’s causing a loud rattle. When I touch and hold it with a non conductive prod the rattling completely stops. Just wondering what most of you would do as the next step, and if there’s any way of telling if the rattle is the tube being microphonic, or if...
  11. 13stitches

    What do you think of this amp head's design?

    Hi everyone, i'm wondering what you think about this amp heads design? A DISCLAIMER upfront: i am the designer and have been working on this product for the past 2 years, but ended up freezing it due to COVID related supply chain and parts availability issues. It had a good start - the project...
  12. M

    Tube Amp Crackle Problem!

    Curious if anyone could help diagnose a problem with my Tubemeister Deluxe 40 or if it's simply a part of the amp's character. I've attached a recording for reference. Essentially a crackling noise is happening and it is extremely apparent in recordings. When the amp is set clean it doesn't...
  13. Short Tooth

    Will there always be a supply of tubes in the future?..

    Lock down gave me time to stock up on what I need. Including new tubes for the head. I have em, kinda need to change em - but am stalling. I mean I will, but I kinda had this voice in my head saying get some more backups yo. All these companies going smaller, going digital. Old rack units...
  14. G

    What do you use? Modellers or Tube Amps poll

    Askes this question yesterday in the amps and cabs forum. Asking it again today in the digital section
  15. G

    Modellers or tube amps? What you use kinda poll

    Well its almost 22. So what do you use?
  16. J

    Analog preamp + IR-loader for 80s sound

    Sorry for opening the thousandth amp-in-a-box-thread, but I'm new to that concept. Still very confused about various options and what I can('t) achieve with them. Let's start with the certaintys: I want a setup not larger than pedalboard-size, without an amp that would require a...
  17. B

    Art Tube MP Studio V3 Not Working!

    Hi! I have a Art Tube MP Studio V3 that isn't really working. It turns on, lights up, but it's not receiving any signal, and the Phantom Power doesn't work. Could this be a faulty device, it was working fine till yesterday. Maybe a bad tube? I checked all my cables and power adapters and that's...
  18. sorlati

    Kingsley Harlot V3 Demo, Super Dynamic Tube Overdrive!

    Finally did a demo of one of favourite pedals, the Kingsley Harlot! The EQ toggles and tone knob really help to tailor the sound to your liking, from a smooth purr to a sizzling roar! I got the Harlot because I already have several mid pushed ODs and the Harlot was advertised as more mid...
  19. U

    Hughes & Kettner 'Spirit Tone Generator' circuit?

    Hi all, I found H&K's 'Spirit' concept quite interesting as it claims to be all analog circuitry emulating tube tone.. Does anyone know how it works? They have an article here saying it reproduces the behaviour of a tube circuit from the input jack to the speaker: Secrets of the Hughes &...
  20. Guitarjon

    One Riff, 41 Amps!

    Hey everyone, Here's something a little crazy I worked on for a while. The concept is simple: I wrote a 'riff' specifically for this concept. It's basically a collage of riffy bits and some lead bits so that you can hopefully get a good idea of how these amps all sound with a modern high gain...
  21. JackDSmith

    Can anyone talk me out of a Tonemaster Deluxe Reverb?

    I just sold an old amp and now I've got a little bit of money to play with. I tried a blonde tonemaster deluxe reverb out at a local shop with my guitar, and it sounded really good to my ears. Even though these are solid state amps, the price is up there, but I've seen some great deals on Reverb...
  22. K

    New 12AX7 Noise in Lead Channel

    Hi! I recently switched out all of the preamp tubes on my PRS Archon 50 Combo from JJ 12AX7's to Tung Sol 12AX7 reissues. Everything seems to work well except one problem I've encountered: before I made the change, the Lead (gain) channel was dead silent but now on this channel, there is some...
  23. K

    New 12AX7 Noise in Lead Channel

    Hi! I recently switched out all of the preamp tubes on my PRS Archon 50 Combo from JJ 12AX7's to Tung Sol 12AX7 reissues. Everything seems to work well except one problem I've encountered: before I made the change, the Lead (gain) channel was dead silent but now on this channel, there is some...
  24. Sam C

    Cranked preamp tubes + low guitar volume input

    Hi all, just had a question about what is happening to a preamp tube when it is cranked but receiving a low guitar volume as input. In that situation is the preamp tube still being "driven hard"? Or is it only driven when the input guitar volume is also high?
  25. G

    Orange Micro Dark Tube Swaps

    Here is the extended version of the MIcro Dark tube swap video. Enjoy! Youtube Link!
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