1. MusicWithMarky

    Vox AC 30 Kemper vs. Axe FX 3

    I finally got to do one of these with the same IR:
  2. Jhornbostel66

    Vox VT40X parts needed

    I have a Vox VT40X Valvetronix amp that I've identified as having a shorted out component on the small pre-amp circuit board. I thought it may be a simple fix, but I'm finding that Vox/Korg does not sell replacement boards for this amp, and will not in the future. Anyone have any thoughts on...
  3. IMG_3725.JPG


    AC4HW Demo Settings
  4. M

    New Vox ac30hw noisy top boost

    Hi guys, I’m looking to get a 2014 Vox ac30 head and cab. It’s a few hours drive away and when confirming with the guy that it was in the mint condition he’s claiming I asked about any pops, hums or buzzing. He said that the top boost channel has a hum however the normal does not. He mentioned...
  5. Charles Stanhope

    VOX AC30HW2 hum/buzz/pops with nothing plugged in

    Hey guys, Unfortunately when I bought a VOX AC30HW2 off Reverb recently it must have been dropped hard in shipping as one of the wood panels is completely snapped and the seller claims that this is not how he shipped it (apparent evidence through pictures). He gave me a discount for the...
  6. Treble boosted

    66’ AC30 Head Shell

    I recently bought a 66’ AC30/6 chassis. Unfortunately I’m having a hell of a time sourcing a head shell. North coast has discontinued production and I haven’t gotten anywhere with custom builders. In an ideal world I would have one built aesthetically like a 60s head, with better/ more...
  7. G

    Vox AC4 speaker Greenback replacement: no sound.

    I have a Vox AC4 that has been working fine. I recently replaced the tubes with Mullards which made it sound great. Tonight, I replaced the stock speaker with a Celestion G10 Greenback 16 ohm 30W. I followed online directions of simply disconnecting the + and - wires, unscrewing the speaker...
  8. S

    Could a beginner install VVR on a AC4TV?

    Hello, this is my first time posting here! I’m thinking of installing a VVR from Ampmaker... https://www.ampmaker.com/shop/vcb-vvr-voltage-control-kit/ ...into my Vox AC4TV as I’d like to get some dirtier sounds at lower volumes. I’m not very experienced with electronics but I recently...
  9. Knez

    Vox ac15tbx rectifier tube question

    Hello world, Finally joined up here, so first time post as well. just took delivery of this amp earlier today - don’t know what possessed me to sell to one I had years ago - and it arrived with a 5y3gt instead of a gz34/5ar4. Any harm in this ? Does the rec tube have a big impact on sound in...
  10. HawnkyTawnk

    Need a Vox Doctor that can perform repairs

    I have a 1989 Vox AC-30TBR (Rose Morris, Precision Electronics, http://www.voxshowroom.com/uk/amp/rmac30tbr_1988.html) that plays great except for a periodic loud electronic cacophony/buzz/farting noise for about 2-4 seconds in duration. It happens nearly every time the amp is taken off of...
  11. S

    Does Vox Stomplab emulate AC30?

    I have a PRS MK15 and would like to get some VOX clean chimney tones. Read the old threads but nobody seemed to mention their take on the Stomplab. For $70 seems a good solution. Also doesn't seem to a way to have a Vox VTX20 drive another speaker or output a pedal type signal.
  12. urbanite619

    Is it worth it to repair a Vox Pathfinder 15R?

    I have a Vox Pathfinder 15R (Model V9168R) that recently stopped working. I really liked that amp! Does anyone who has experience with these amps have a sense of whether it is worthwhile to attempt to have it repaired? If this amp is worth repairing, does anyone have a recommendation for where...
  13. MarioRoboto

    Vox Ultrasonic Parts...

    Hi Guys, I have this Ultrasonic, but i need the Wah part and the bridge, ¿any ideas where i can find the parts? Thanks so much!!!
  14. B

    WAH not working :(

    so i have a question for you guys! i recently got a VOX wah pedal and it doesnt seem to be working. the pedal works perfectly fine by itself. my other pedals are working as well but when i add the WAH to my signal chain it doesnt seem to work and the signal gets wonky any one has a fix? i've...
  15. Rocksully

    Single Amp Stereo In Stereo Effects

    I have a Vox AC30HW, and I am wondering if I can successfully run stereo out of my board into both inputs of the Vox AC30HW. I could convert the board to Mono, of course, BUT Im curious to know if the Vox COULD take a stereo signal and still function properly with no ground loops etc. Thanks Guys!
  16. A

    Question about the phase inverter channels inputs.

    Greetings, I am interested in building a clone of the Vox AC15 or AC30. The schematics I have found vary on how channel one and channel two go into the phase inverter. Even the handwire version and the PCB version also vary. So can someone explain to me what is the difference? If one of the two...
  17. TheGuacamoleXplosion

    Menatone Top Boost in a Can (TBIAC) 8-knob version demo

    Made a demo of my Menatone Top Boost in a Can (TBIAC) recently; the 8-knob version from 2007, often referred to as the best incarnation of this Vox-in-a-Box pedal. So, here’s the demo, including Beatles, Queen and U2 covers:
  18. F

    Vox Mini Superbeetle + treble booster?

    Hi! Has anyone here tried to push a Vox Mini Superbeetle with a treble booster? Do you get some convincing Brian May tones?
  19. greenybloomers

    Oddball Gibsons through screaming Voxes

    I'm iffy on a lot of Emerald City Guitars' videos, but when they hit upon a winning combo, they knock it out of the park: Gotta love how the Firebird and V have such unique, raucous voices.
  20. KurtisAZ

    Matchless/ Vox sounding pedals

    Have desperately been pouring over the forums trying to figure out how to get a fender and a matchless sound out of one amp and it would appear that it's probably note entirely possible unless you're ready to spend a couple grand. So then, what kind've pedals could I look out for that could give...
  21. MrKite89

    Resistors In Series For Cathode Bias

    Hi, I'm stuck at home because of this f*****g virus and I can't get electronic components at the moment... I need a ~150 ohms resistor to bias my AC15, but don't have any: is it a bad idea to use two resistors in series to get a similar value? At the moment there's a 3W 130 ohms metal oxide...
  22. Soundstorm

    Who makes the best AC30 clone?

    Specifically the 60s JMI versions. Found this video and now I’m kind of obsessed. I’m not completely beyond dishing out for an original but it would be much preferable if someone’s made an accurate repro instead. Some of the ones I’ve seen seem to get squishy or fizzy when cranked, this one is...
  23. Whats4dessert

    Vox VX50 GTV--Anybody got one?

    A 50 watt modeling amp that only weighs 9 pounds sounds like a handy thing for one-nighters, but can it cut it in a band? I guess the acoustic and bass models have been around for a while already, and there's a few videos out there, but I'd like to know how this one performs in a live setting...
  24. L

    Vox lovers: Please explain me all channels (POLL INCLUDED)

    Hi all! Can anyone compare all Vox channels please: • Normal channel (ef86) • Normal channel (12ax7) • Bright channel (Non top boost) • Top boost channel I've read that the vintage Non Top Boost editions also came in Treble, Normal, and Bass editions. (did those voicings affect both...
  25. Roe

    AC100 build suggestions

    I'm planning an AC100 build and needs some suggestions. Specifically, - should I use the original floating paraphase phase inverter or rather a standard long tail pair (like ac30s and the early ac50s)? -Alternatively, I might use an ac30 style driver into an 12au7 driver for more punch (cf...