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  1. lalalandstudios

    Nels Cline and CUP (Nels plus Yuka Honda) Friday 10/30 8pm EST

    Music lovers, guitar nerds, and anyone who needs a little more joy in your lives - I hope you’ll consider joining us on Friday October 30th at 8pm for a special live-streaming experience featuring full performances from the electrifying and always inspiring guitarist Nels Cline (solo) and CUP...
  2. mrsongbird

    “The Thanks I Get” Thanksgiving Saturday Jam

    Some friends and I taking on this great Wilco b-side for a Thanksgiving Saturday Jam! Hope you enjoy!
  3. L

    wilco im always in love

    hey, just wondering if anyone knows how the high pitched melody on this song is being played? cant work out if its a keyboard of some type of a guitar with a whammy or something? would be a big help if anybody knows. Heres a link to the song: Thanks