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  1. Benz2112

    Boost to stack with Hudson Broadcast

    I am really digging this Hudson Broadcast AP I picked up last week. It has a nice balance of fatness and articulation. The one thing I'm searching for is a little bit of hair and sustain for a boost. I have grown accustom to my D&M drive, and being able to stack the sides. I plugged the D&M into...
  2. B

    Having trouble with my Xotic Wah and fuzz

    I bought this Xotic XW-1 Wah specifically because it has a buffer circuit intended to work well in front of a fuzz. Well, it doesn’t really sound too good with my Analogman Sun Face. What gives? It doesn’t really sweep. It kinda just sounds like the fuzz is starved until the last 5 degrees of...
  3. Miketheslav

    So I bought a Xotic Wah - it's great...BUT

    The BUT: The Reverb seller stated it comes with original box and paperwork and I paid a fair rate keeping that in mind. But when the package arrived it came in a mission engineering pedal box and no original paperwork. Turns out his wife put the pedal in the wrong box and shipped it out. Edit...
  4. sondich

    Making a career out of Building- Andy Hicks of Xotic, Jackson & Gretsch

    Usually, I post my YouTube videos in the retailers' forum but this interview is informational & may be of interest to anyone looking for a medium/large shop job career. Mods- feel free to move/remove if not OK. Thanks! Steve
  5. Zado

    HSS Shootout feat new SOLDANO SLO

    Delivered by Peach guitars, loads of cool brands involved. Interesting. I can see a Strat comparison being more interesting for many with another kind of amp, but I find this quite cool anyway. Edit: now single cut shootout added
  6. Rob G


  7. S

    Xotic EP Booster versus Super Clean

    Simple question: I’m eyeing a mini EP-style boost and the two that have caught my eye are the Xotic EP Booster and the Super Clean. Obviously, I can’t try them in-store so I’m coming here for advice. The EP seems fairly popular but it has its detractors. The Super Clean is newer but it has...
  8. CohenTheBarbarian

    Xotic Super Clean owners - how much do you like it?

    Hi all! I am thinking about getting a Xotic Super Clean and since they have been around for a few months now I thought it’d be good to ask for opinions. So how much do you like yours? If anybody is able to compare their Super Clean to an EP Booster that would be super useful too. I like my EP...
  9. pb-272

    Never have I played guitar (Xotic XTC1) so late

    Just bought an Xotic xtc 1. I don’t even like single coils. well I didn’t. f?$& I do now. it’s been 5 hours straight... i went to the guitar store to buy a cable. I walked out with the XTC and it’s pure addictive nature, spacious separation of notes, perfect EQ, delicious neck pick up...
  10. Digitalshrub

    EP Booster -- purpose?

    I bought an Xotic EP Booster a couple years ago because at the time it was getting rave reviews, and because I thought it might help me normalize my volume levels at live shows where I play two different guitars (one with humbuckers, one with single coils) as well as running an electric mandolin...
  11. S

    SP Compressor doesn’t compress. Anyone else?

    Hello all; I have used Xotic SP Compressors on both my boards for the past 5-6 years, running them at 18 volts. In the past week, both of them have gone down: they turn into a boost when the Blend knob is totally clockwise and a killswitch when it’s counterclockwise. Anyone else have this...
  12. WWLaidback

    Compressors that won't squash a Hollow-Body Guitar -- Xotic SP vs. Wampler ego, etc.

    Almost zero information out there for compressors used on electric hollow-body and thinlines. Xotic SP has a humbucker dip switch #4 Humbucker "sparkle clean" setting. Wampler Ego has a high-end boost: SP "Bright" (dip switch 4) setting on Les Paul Custom copy Epiphone (no humbuckers)...
  13. Playloudd308

    Xotic Guitars? How do they stack up?

    Let’s just say...these things are absolutely beautiful. I mean just look at this: I mean get outta’ hear with that neck flame. To be honest, I didn’t really jive with the looks on a few I have seen pop up here and there on the emporium. But, I stumbled upon their Instagram and need a drool...
  14. dakcz

    Wah that doesn't suck bass

    Hi all, I got Xotic XW-1 Wah, but I'm not very happy with it. It seems to me, that when engaged, my tone becomes thin and I loose lots of bass. I played with all the knobs outside and inside the pedal and I can tailor the sound a lot, but still it's not to my liking. I'm new to wah world, so...
  15. D

    70s Clapton Wah Tone

    i think my favorite wah tone is Clapton’s tone from Derek and the Dominos. Very pronounced, like a “wow” almost. Listen to the studio recording of Got to Get Better in a Little While to hear it, or that track as well as Why Does Love Got to be so Sad from the Live at the Fillmore album. I’ve...
  16. AvgJoeGat

    SP compressor question

    So I just bought a used Xotic SP compressor which I'm really digging. Can't imagine not having one anymore. Quick question are the foot switches (the actual actuators) on these things kinda clicky and stiff or is there something wrong with the one I got? Any advice will be appreciated, Thank...
  17. thebluesman666

    Boost Pedal to Attenuate a Dirty Amp !|? UNDER DRIVE

    Howdy guys, I would like to get your input/experience with the concept of Underdriving an Amp. Concept Explained : So Basically, you set your amp to a dirty, crunchy tone and use a pedal set with no gain to reduce/cut the full power of the amp. (volume) Example : Using a cranked Marshall...
  18. Rob G

    New Guitar: Xotic XSC #666!

    Check out the new geetar, my second Xotic XSC. My first one had the serial number #17, this one is #666 so I’m expecting an increase in technique due to the deal I made! :)
  19. W

    Question for Xotic XSC-2 Owners

    Greetings TGP members, This question is for owners of an Xotic XSC-2 model. I have an XSC-1 which I love, but I'm interested in your opinions on the sound of the humbucker in the XSC-2 model, particularly the tone from the 4th position/middle & bridge pick up selection. Does it sound "straty"...
  20. markomaletin

    Xotic Wah pictures request

    Hey guys, Excuse me if I'm posting this in the wrong directory on the forum, this is my first time ever to ask something on a forum. (Don't know why I didn't use it before). So here is my problem. I got an almost completely working Xotic wah. By almost, I mean that I lack the small PCB that...
  21. Laughter_Much_Louder

    How similar are the Xotic EP Booster and the Hudson Broadcast?

    I know the Broadcast has more gain on tap but at low gain settings can a similar sound be had? I played a Tele, through an EP Booster, into a DRRI at a local shop and it sounded incredible.. At home I play a Tele, through a Hudson Broadcast, into a 76 Vibro Champ...which also sounds incredible...
  22. OldN'inTheWay

    Advice for new Strat-style HSS

    I'm looking for advice from those of you who have owned / currently own / have played any of these guitars: Fender Elite Stratocaster HSS $1899 LSL One Series Saticoy HSS $2099 Suhr Pro Classic HSS $2195 Xotic XSC-2 HSS $2550 Suhr Antique Classic HSS $2695 I'm looking to buy one of these in...
  23. OldN'inTheWay

    Need Advice on new HSS Strat-style guitar

    I'm looking for advice from those of you who have owned / currently own / have played any of these guitars: Fender Elite Stratocaster HSS $1899 LSL One Series Saticoy HSS $2099 Suhr Pro Classic HSS $2195 Xotic XSC-2 HSS $2550 Suhr Antique Classic HSS $2695 I'm looking to buy one of these...