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  1. JB Eckl

    'When the Levee Breaks' Analysis Video! Just made this...

    Hope ya dig it amigos.
  2. ezcomes

    The Immigrant Song

    Working on an EP and took time to have fun...hope you like Follow us on twitter if you like @madwetsea
  3. iconte

    Stairway to Heaven solo note per note (slow and full speed)

    i took only 1 license which is adding the note E to the D bending to E, for the rest it's 100% accurate. Peace!
  4. iconte

    For Led Zeppelin lovers..

    I would not want to spoil.. take a listen. I hope you like it 8 )
  5. gunslinger

    Led Zeppelin to stream ‘Celebration Day’ reunion concert film for free this weekend

  6. deepcove17

    My Band covering Ramble On

    Decided to have a proper video done instead of the usually live footage from bar or whatever.....old skool live of the floor. Queue the lights! lol :cool:
  7. WWLaidback

    Dazed and Confused -- Sound Effects

    Does anyone know how Jimmy Page gets this pulsating pitch-shifting sound all the way up to the song-tempo change? Thanks much.
  8. caledoneus

    When did "You guys sound like Zeppelin!" become and insult?

    So, this pertains to the band Greta Van Fleet. I've seen quite a few people who were discussing/ reviewing them, and one of the comments they will make to prove that Greta Van Fleet isn't that good is, "Well, they just sound like Led Zeppelin..." I'm sorry, but if the best "insult" that a...
  9. gunslinger

    Have the Beatles sold more records than Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones combined?

  10. gunslinger

    Led Zeppelin shoes anyone?

  11. JB Eckl

    Time sensitive! Which tones on Zep 1 have the Tone Bender and which are straight Supro??

    I have to record a high-end amp demo tomorrow and it’s all Zep 1 tones. Do you scholars know which ones have the Tone Bender and which don’t? HELP APPRECIATED!