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1 giant board or 2 small boards



Seeking some sage wisdom here. I have the following pedals:

Empress Buffer +
TC Electronics Polytune
3Leaf Audio Wonderlove
Keeler Designs Push OD
Keeler Designs Shove Distortion
Keeler Designs Kick Fuzz
EQD Palisades
EQD Organizer
EQD Orbiter
EQD Sea Machine
EQD Hummingbird
EQD Disaster Transport Sr
EQD Afterneath
EHX Deluxe Memory Man
Satellite Amps My Pal Fuzz Fuzz
Tech 21 Blonde Deluxe

I have all EQD sans the Palisades on a Pedaltrain Mini going into the effects on the Tech 21 Blonde Deluxe. I was thinking of getting a Pedaltrain Pro and a BPTA plate to squeeze everything on one board or maybe get a Pedaltrain Metro 24 for my tuner, envelope filter, dirt pedals, into the Blonde Deluxe. I would then connect the EQD mini board into the Blonde Deluxe effects loop.

Please help this knucklehead make a decision.

Go big or go home. I think you could use more dirt. In fact, I'd go with two large boards.

My friends tell me I'm something of an enabler. I don't see it though.


I'm going with 2 boards myself: filters and dirt on the first, modulation and delays on the second. That way I can just take board #2 for acoustic work.


Senior Member
I have a board with as many pedals as you listed, but I have a Twin Cities switcher at the front and they are broken up into two channels.
That's a hella lot of pedals to have in one long unbroken chain.


I have never enjoyed carrying any pedal board larger than about PT Jr size. If I needed more room I would definitely think 2 boards would be better. It's the same with amps and cabs. Once you go bigger than a 1x12, I feel you should use separate head and cabs. Who wants carry that much at once.

Ugly Bunny

I went with the gigantic Pedlatrain Terra 42 and to some extent regret it: it's massive! It's heavy, cumbersome, and I got the one with just the gig bag so it's also very awkward. I may still yet reduce to two normal sized boards; one for pre- and one for post.

Tube Guy

Gold Supporting Member
I had the same question and solved it using a graphics program (in my case a free 1 month trial of Omnigraffle for Mac).
After copying pedal images from sites and resizing them I was able to move them around and also have layers to hide or display the power cables underneath.
I was planning on two boards but changed to one after doing this, you might find the opposite works best for you, my point is that dragging things around in a screen allows you to experiment really easily with board sizes and layouts.

Tube Guy

Gold Supporting Member
Here's the layout I finally settled on in OmniGraffle (originally it looked like two giant Moogs but had too many cables connecting one to the other), it has 3 visual layers to show the risers below some pedals and all the switching gear below that.:



Senior Member
Any Pedaltrain such as the Pro that has a vertical metal beam is no good. Much better to have two smaller Pedaltains that do not have the vertical beam and the resulting issues in cabling it up.


In order to better answer the question, where are you going to use the boards on gigs or at home? Some stages are really small!