10 classic amps and the songs that made them famous

John Thigpen

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I saw two that I question...I thought Roy Buchanan usually played a Vibrolux Reverb, not a Deluxe Reverb, and I thought Larry Carlton recorded most of the Steely Dan sessions with a tweed Deluxe. The Dumble came later.

That said, I would certainly expect Ben Fargen to have better access to the correct info than I.


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That was kool.
Another deal w/ Dick Dale is his bridge pickup is slanted so that the closest to the bridge magnet is under the big E string. Gives a little more insanity you can hear on the intro to Misirlou'.

tsar nicholas

This is going to sound stupid, but watching that live Carlton clip made me finally "get" what's distinctive about the "D" sound. I mean, I've always liked it fine, but now I really get it -- it has the articulation and clarity of a clean sound even though it's actually pretty saturated. Pretty cool.

Tom CT

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Ha! That's my Marshall coming in at #3. The picture was taken at Barry Weber's NYC amp fest years back.

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