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11R levels issue: main outs vs. output to amp...

Hi all,

I tried the output to amp jacks for the first time and found that I was getting a harsh, "clipped-signal" kind of noise from them. I tried both with several cables and it happens consistently. The main outs (XLR) are fine.

After troubleshooting it a bit using the "Meters" section of the patch, I've found that the rig output level is fine, but the "output to amp" levels are completely clipped. In fact, they're so badly clipped that even if I attenuate them down -11.9dB (the maximum before it mutes) I still end up clipping if I really wail on the strings.

Has anyone else seen this? Does anyone know why there's such a disparity there?

I can obviously begin the process of turning all my patches down and turn the 11R up from 9 towards 10, but I'm stumped as to why there's such a difference there.

Thanks in advance!
Somewhere in your signal path you probably have an overdriven amp or effect.

Here's a few things you may want to consider: I keep Rig Vol at -12.0 dB for all my rigs. Main Volume (Volume knob) is always at 8.0. I want to go into a board as similar as possible relative to all rigs and Amp Out is my variable in terms of volume and is is relative to what I want to achieve from how much gain/volume coming from the amp and effects. For example, if I want a crunch I'll dial up amp gain and lower Amp Out - or, if I want clean, I'll dial down the amp and dial up Amp Out.

The best way to balance rigs is with your ear judging volume from rig to rig - which includes how the rigs mix with the band.
Thanks FenderTone. Those are all excellent points. I'm definitely guilty of adjusting my rigs without a consistent reference level measurement at the mixer, and so the levels just crept up slowly, patch by patch as I experimented more. The solution is most likely to do what you describe - scale everything back and rebalance. (Edit: Note that Rig Balancing, which is a brilliant feature for quick tuning of patch-to-patch levels, doesn't apply its changes to the output-to-amp jacks, just headphones and mains! Really Avid?!)

But I'm still left wondering why this doesn't affect the main outs and the output-to-amp jacks when they're being fed the same signal...

Any ideas?
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Redacted. ;)

I've got to try to reproduce the problem again before I decide if I really understand which gain stage I'd overloaded on the way to the 1/4" outs.

Thanks again!
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