11R Output Question


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Ok I've notice some issues lately so I have some questions. I've been reading for an hour but.....

1) On the volume where do you guys normally run live. Mine seems to sound more lively around 7.0.

2) My Bassman output was sounding muddy (going into a board from one of the XLR's). When cranked it was like someone put a blanket in front of the amp. I changed it from "rig out" which should include the speaker to "Amp Out" which I thought did not include speaker box. Now, I was using PT to edit patches.

BOOM it was like someone had pumped air into the patches. Full on, clean clear, wide open beauty. Did I miss something. I though I was supposed to be running "rig out" why does "amp out" sound so much better from my balanced line out. I haven't found anything in the documentation yet. OK I'm old so I read. Maybe I missed it. If anyone has the time please fill me in. I want to use this thing with my new band. I probably have a week or so.

Thanks, Rick
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