11Rack: Brian Setzer's 'Sleepwalk'

Noise Under The Floor

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Sweet tones sounds great! Would've never thought to use that combo of the Eleven and Wampler for that sound, but it works! I was just talking about the original version of Sleepwalk in another thread recently and it made me dig out my copy of Stray Cats Choo Choo Hot Fish album. Great version on there as well.


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Yes, I love the Choo Choo Hot Fish version as well. Actually, I don't think I've ever disliked any version of Sleepwalk I've heard. Santo & Johnny wrote a perfect tune, in my opinion.
I love the Wampler Ecstasy, I discovered putting it in front of the 11Rack makes everything just more 'dynamic'. I'm dying to give their new 'Clarksdale' a try.

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