12" speaker for low watt amp


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With all the speaker choices out there, could someone make a recommendation for two possible uses? Both would be used in a 1x12 open back cabinet, and I am leaning towards an 8 ohm choice.
The first is for an Orange micro terror, which uses a 20 watt solid state power amp coupled with a 12ax7 preamp. From what I have been reading, it sounds like either a Weber blue dog, or Celestion blue would work nicely. Any comments on this one, and what are basic sonic differences between Alnico vs ceramic magnets?
The other choice is for a VHT special six ultra (6watts). Right now, I am using a 5751 in the preamp, and a JJ 6v6VT. My complaint about this amp is that it is a little too "dark" for my liking. I am looking for something brighter.
Are there any speakers that would work well for both amps?


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EVM12L. It gives girth and clarity to a low watt amp. Loud too due to it's efficiency

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