12" to 10" baffle converter


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How much lighter would a typical 1x12" combo amp be if one used a 10" speaker with baffle converter? I'm thinking of a ceramic speaker like the WGS G12c to a G10c, for example?

I love my little Swart Atomic Jr, but the 8" speaker is limiting. Moving to a STR-Tweed bumps the weight from 18 lbs to 29 lbs. I'm wondering how much lighter that amp would be with a 10" speaker?


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Most of the speaker's weight is in the magnet assembly. Unless you're going to a lower wattage speaker my guess is that any weight savings from the basket material will be offset by the conversion ring. If you really want to lower weight you've got to go to a substantially lighter magnet like Neodymium or a much lighter duty speaker.

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