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1275 epiphone double neck

David Fry

Can anyone share a some info on this guitar? I've Been Looking At Getting one,,I See 2 Very Different tail, Or bridge, Configuration, A Claw type, Or A Shorter. Almost tele, looking type tailpiece,, and what should I looK for,, ? Is a korean,,or Kalamazoo built, the best choice?,is there others, like Japan built,,?,I see them for 750 to 1000,,,I'm OK with that range,, do they have staying in tune issues?

Anyway,,any and all comments will be appreciated. Thanks!!


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I wondered this too. Even on the Gibsons, there're some with the tailpiece a lot further down the body than others.


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The one that I had sounded great, in that period they were putting Gibson pickups in the Epiphone doubleneck. It played great, although I would have gone thinner in the necks, just because that's what I prefer. I didn't care for the neck heavy balance, the guitar was rather heavy, but I'd consider buying another one just for the nice tones.
I know that at one point Epiphone made a bolt on neck version and a more expensive set neck version. The set neck version had the tailpiece much farther from the bridge. But they may have made versions of the set neck with the tailpiece closer also.. Gibson made both ways, the farther tailpiece is like Jimmy Page's.
I think mine was Korean, a set neck. Quality was fine.. I just didn't like the weight. Anything made in Kalamazoo (USA) should be much more expensive than the imported versions.


Ok, I just sold a 2016 G1275 so I can tell you what I know about the Epi double necks. First and foremost, they're very good. Current production (I think back to 2014) is Chinese, from the Qindao facility. These current ones all have the long claw tailpiece. The bolt-neck ones were phased out around '05 or so.

Weight on mine was 11.9lbs, and tendedto be a little neck heavy but not bad. These are very well-made instruments, and the fretwork on mine was great. No tuning issues whatsoever. The pickups are pretty standard fare for Epis (Alnico Classics), bu tthe sound is different from my Les Paul Standard. More SG-like,but with acres of sustain and some unique harmonic content.

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