Sold *******$1299!! Jackson Ampworks Atlantic 3.0 head. All new tubes!*******


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Jackson Ampworks Atlantic 3.0 head in amazing condition! It looks pretty much new still. It was built in 2011 and was just fully retubed a couple months ago with brand new tubes. It has no issues at all and is ready to rock! Comes with the footswitch for the boost function and the power cable.

$1299 PPG or add 3%. I would prefer to ship to a business/work address as it saves me some cash.

The ONLY trades interests that I have are: Quilter 101 mini head, DV Mark Micro 50 head, Eminence DeltaLite 2512 & Commonwealth 12" speakers (8 ohms), Celestion BN12-300s (8 ohm) speakers, TV Jones Magnatron Neck humbucker mount in GOLD, Boss RV6, Zvex Instant LoFi Junky.

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