/13 vs Matchless- other?


Looking at getting a new amp and the /13 CCC 9/15 and Matchless Chieftain are the two on my radar. I'm also considering a Marshall 1974X. I play a variety of things, but mostly worship music, alternative rock, and progressive- basically blend Counting crows, U2, with some SRV/John Mayer blues. I need versatility and ability to take pedals well.

I have an Orange Ad30, but it's a little fuzzy and loose for me.

Any suggestions/thoughts?


I had a chieftain and now have a CJ11. They are pretty different amps IMHO.

The chieftain chimes like no other and has a nice overdrive which sounds like a mix of tweed and Hiwatt to my ears.

The CJ11 has chime on the cleans and the a great tweed and modded tweed drive. It doesn't have reverb but it takes pedal way better than the Matchless.

I prefer the CJ11 over the Matchless...but I can understand that others may feel the other way around. I think ultimately it has to do with the feel of the amp. Matchless have this immediate feel which is just great but it is not for everyone.. I like the slightly softer less immediate attack of the divided by 13s.

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