$1500 for a nice clean amp with reverb? Any ideas?


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Im looking for a 30-40 watt amp for nice clean tones in the $1500 price range. I searched for a bit but didn't come up with much so I figured I would ask around since I don't have much experience with this type of amp.

I've been playing a Heritage Briton II head and cab at a local store for a while and it sounds great but I kind of want reverb which the head doesn't have. I would prefer 6l6/6v6/el84 since el34s and I dont get along all that well. Doesn't need channel switching but it does need a good amount of clean headroom which is why I want at least 30 watts. Any ideas for nice bold cleans? Fendery or voxy would be sweet but Im not sure what to look for. School me!

Oh yeah, musical style varies a lot. Think soft clean music like Sigur Ros to jazz to simple arpeggiated melodies. Taking drive pedals well would be a plus.


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I love my Traynor YCV50. The cleans are amazing and full. The reverb is pretty good. Not the best I've heard, but good enough that I haven't gone searching for a pedal reverb. Being that it is less than $800 you will have plenty for an extension cab(if desired), pedals, or a guitar. Or just bank the extra money for a rainy day.


Silverface Super or Pro Reverb, of you can sometimes find blackfaces with changed speakers, etc for 1500ish.


yeah get an early 70's Super, Pro, or Bandmaster Reverb, come in under budget and use the rest for pedals! I got a BMR (head with a 1x12 cab, scumback equipped) for under $1k and it's one of the niceest sounding rigs I've ever had and trust me, have I had rigs!


I just had a wreck of an '81 Twin Reverb refurbed and modded. The total price was around US$1200 including the purchase of the original (just) working amp. Ok, so it's nearer 130 Watts than 30 Watts, but... ;)

If you want loud & clean with reverb then late SF Fender's a great way to go because they're so "wrong" that they have a releatively low market value. You can't BF 'em, but you can get a good tech to correct the lead dress and blueprint one to tune it up to be a real "add pedals for great tone" gig machine.


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For that kind of money and description, I don't think you can beat a vintage Fender (e.g. Super Reverb, Pro Reverb)....you can certainly score a nice silverface for that price...or even a SF that has been blackfaced. Also check out Allen Amps. :AOK


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I Just got a used heritage victory for under $1000. Its a 22 watt 6v6 amp but its a clean machine. Using a strat and the amp volume maxed it has less gain than my '78 deluxe reverb on 5 and its doesn't start to get distorted until the volume knob is nearly 3:00!. Its not as loud as a 40 watt fender but it has about the same CLEAN headroom as one - maybe more. If you swapped in a SS recto plug and rebiased it would have even a bit mopre headroom which might be nice for humbucker guitars.

The Victory is much less noisy than the deluxe, has MUCH more bass than the deluxe, is MUCH better built than the deluxe, has external bias points, etc. The bottom line is I wanted an amp to replace my antique fender and all of its shortcomings (mainly anemic flabby bass, poor cabinet construction, noisy poorly wired circuitry and an unnecessary second channel) and the heritage does that all very nicely. Its an excellent platform for beautiful clean tones + pedal OD. You can easily do small - medium rock, jazz or country gigs with it.


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An old super reverb or pro reverb would do the trick. Put a 5751 in the preamp and you'll get plenty of headroom.

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I own a Heritage Victory combo and is it a GREAT amp.
22W though, which is why I suggested the Patriot.
With a rebias, the Patriot CAN take 6V6s. Not sure what the wattage would be then.
The Victory, at least with my JJ 6V6s, has a real surprising amount of headroom.


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that victory is a LOUD 22w though. can't even be in the room when that thing is breaking up on its own. . . lots of clean headroomi will also say the rottweiler. . . i received the other half of a two-amp sale that fr8 put together for us. . . . the rott is so f*cking loud it's silly. . . i can hardly turn the thing past 9oclock on the volume. . . i don't know that i'll ever hear that amp break up. they can regularly be found under a grand. . . .


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there are a couple of used ug30 for sale.

i say buck up a hundred bucks and get the most fantastic vox with reverb ever!:rolleyes:


I love my Alessandro Working Dog. Mine is the Rottweiler; he names them all after dog breeds. 40 watts, 2 6L6, 'verb, great tone controls. Plenty of sound variation while doing justice to all my guitars. Very pedal friendly. I'm just a happy customer; no other business connection. Google it and you'll find it easily.

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You can pick up a Vibrolux reverb RI brand new for around a grand. The 2- 10's will give you a bit more headroom than something with a 12 in it.

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