16 ohm or 4 ohm?

gillman royce

Silver Supporting Member
that's interesting as I find the opposite to be true! :huh

I have several heads that can be run at 4/8/16 and a cab that I built with two 8 ohm speakers that can be run in parallel for 4 ohms and series for 16ohms. I've always found the 4 ohm load to have more headroom, more power, more punch, more low end and more clarity. The 16ohm load is smoother, darker, more compressed, less open and big sounding. Of course we are talking fairly subtle/minor differences here but that's the way I hear it.....

FWIW, I've seen this stated by the guys at 65 Amps as well as Mesa - no brilliance on my part - just passing along what I learned when I was trying to figure out why my amp had 3 taps and why the trannies weighed more than my car.

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