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    Feb 5, 2002
    For sale is a 1949 Gibson J-45. This is a huge and lively sounding guitar, with punchy articulate mids, strong lows, fat clear highs, and tremendous volume. I purchased this a few years ago from Folkway Music and they'd referred to it as having "rumble." They weren't kidding. It truly is a remarkable instrument.

    The details:
    • Original finish throughout
    • One of the last small-bridge J-45s
    • Spruce top, Mahogany neck, back and sides, Brazilian Rosewood fretboard and bridge
    • Made in the USA export stamp on the back of the headstock
    • Original bridge pins and nut
    • Biggish round neck carve, with 1-11/16” nut
    • A few of the top cracks and loose braces were glued at Folkway Music
    • New frets and saddle done by Folkway Music
    • There were older Waverley tuners on the guitar at one point—Folkway Music replaced them with period correct Klusons with new buttons.
    • Other repairs were dealt with elsewhere, prior to Folkway
    • There are two extra screw holes hiding under the Klusons, but no visible scarring of the finish on the back of the headstock
    • Fingernail wear on the fretboard
    • Finish worn off in spots on the back of the neck
    • Strum wear on the guitar’s top
    • Hardshell case is not original
    Photos here:

    Vids shot on my iPhone here:

    Original listing at Folkway Music here:

    I'm asking $3950, shipping and paypal fees included. Would prefer to sell locally--I'm in the NJ/NYC area.



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