FSOT 1950's Kerman (Iran) 12'x25' Oriental Rug

Discussion in 'The Garage Sale Emporium' started by bluefish, May 17, 2019.

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    Jul 28, 2009
    Franktown, CO
    Had this up a while back but post expired. This is a handmade rug from Iran that is in excellent, well kept condition. It is also gigantic at 12'x25'. One owner for the last 45 years..

    The rug, which will only appreciate, is conservatively valued at $5k, but because I am remodeling my home and need to get it to it's next home, I will do the following:

    $3500. cash or trade, buyer pays shipping- which will be expensive ( a recent white glove door to door quote from specialized shippers from here to NC was $1450.)

    Trade ideas - Fender CS, D style amps, jim Kelley, Gibson R6, Original Tweed amps, Recording equip. UA Ox, Shin Dumbloid or never hurts to ask

    PM with an email for pics! Also feel free to include a phone number to discuss..

    Thanks for looking
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