Sold 1954/57 LP Goldtop Conversion


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This is hard to do, but the time has come to sell the nicest playing and sounding LP I have had the privilege of playing. This was bought from a forum member almost 3 years ago, but my ES335 is getting all my humbucker love these days and it's time to start downscaling. Here are the details, some of which I copied directly from the original seller:

1954 les paul converted to 57 spec by Tom Bartlett. No neck reset. TOP ONLY refinish. Original finish on the neck, back and sides. Serial number is intact.

Guitar is 9.2lbs. Big BUT VERY COMFORTABLE neck which gives it a very girthy and heavy tone... Best neck I have ever played in my life.
Ships with both black and white plastic. Currently set up with white.

This is the parts list:

PAF pickup in the neck position
PAT# pickup in the bridge position
Pickups are from a forum member who worked closely with the original seller to find a nicely matched set.

54' Pots/ Harness / loom (originally had grey tigers that were leaky so a set of nice Bees were installed by Gabe Viani of First Act)
54 truss rod cover
54 tuners
54 back plates
54 pointers, screws, nuts
54 switch tip
54' strap buttons and pick guard bracket

1957 ABR-1
1957 bonnet knobs
The jack plate is a 70s metal one and the case is a 4 latch lifton case.

Black Plastic:
1957 M-69 rings
1968 LP Custom pickguard
The poker chip is from the 70s, it had a nice patina on it and matched the black perfectly.

White Plastic:
pickguard: 50s guard cut for humbuckers
pup rings: OTPG from Steve Poole
poker chip: from Steve Poole (a gift) but not one he made as Steve only makes burst poker chips ... the font is a bit thinner

Photos are from the original seller. He is a far better photographer than I am. The only difference is the guitar currently has 4 bonnet knobs installed. I'm sure I can dig up the 2 barrels knobs if that is a deal breaker. This was last set up by Gary Brawer in San Francisco.

I can supply an email chain from Tom Bartlett confirming his work. Lots more pics here:

Price is $23,000 plus shipping.


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I'm checking with the person that supplied the pickups to see if he remembers. Stay tuned.


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Pickups are a late 50's Long Magnet PAF and a Pat # from 1963.

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