1954 Strat Pickguard - What material?

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    Dec 17, 2012
    I've been reading that Modern Fender Pickguards might be some type of Vinyl or ABS plastic.

    Here is a quote from Fender Custom Shop about their '54 Reissue Strat version -

    “We expended considerable effort procuring authentic original ’54 Strat plastic parts (actually broken bits and pieces), and then spent a few thousand dollars having them tested by the best test laboratory in Southern California. The knobs, pickup covers, switch cap, and tremolo cap are made from a high styrene content ABS, and the pickguard is a PVC/PVA material. Bottom line: We did everything we could to make the 1954 Strat’s parts as authentic as possible.”

    PVC is polyvinyl chloride, but PVA is polyvinyl alcohol sometimes used as a thickener and modifier in polyvinyl acetate and perhaps chloride.

    I've never read that the '54 Pickguards were the weaker, more brittle polystyrene according to Fender, but some people have said that.

    I'm wondering if they are just making modern pickguards out of the same material they make there modern knobs out of, rather than this PCV/PCA material.

    Does any one know if our modern '57 AVRI Pickguards are close enough in material to the '54?

    If not, does any body know where I can get this "PVC/PCA" material at .060" cut in the 8 hole vintage style or build me one?

    Here were some links that I couldn't find a definite answer-


    Thanks in advanced, Scott
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    Not Bakelite, but they do go brittle and deform.

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