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Sold 1956 Gibson Es 225 $SOLD!


I'm selling my 1956 Gibson Es 225. It is in excellent condition with even checking throughout, and no breaks or repairs. All of the binding is in great condition too. The neck is that great chunky 50's neck with what looks to be the original frets and a fretboard that both show wear but still plays and frets cleanly everywhere. Each tuner has an extra hole underneath it from a previous set, but they're all covered up with the current tuners. It comes with a hardshell case. It has new Emerson electronics with 500k pots and a bumblebee cap. It has gold kluson deluxe tuners, a gotoh bridge, and a Rio Grande Jazz Dawg P-90. The only thing that needs done is the low A and D saddles need filed down a little since the strings occasionally slide out of the groove. Overall this is a sweet playing, sounding, and looking guitar. You'd be hard pressed to find a cleaner 50's Gibson. I have Gibson amber tophat knobs that will be installed on it too. Feel free to pm me or e-mail me if you are interested or if you have any questions.

$1400pp shipped!

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