1959 Bassman Speaker ?

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  1. Papajuice

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    Nov 4, 2003
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    So I just picked up a one owner 59 Bassman pretty much all original. The tubes have been changed the Caps in the can have been changed also. The only other things changed are the presence and mids pots. Sound great and has no noise, but looking at the speakers which are all the original P10r's the dust cones are all rotted away. Also I know a few of the speakers have some really thin cone's. The material feels like it could almost crumble. My questions are just replace the dust covers and let it go? Recone the complete speakers or just leave it.
  2. swiveltung

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    Feb 5, 2011
    Boy tough one. For value retention I would buy new felt dust covers.
    For gigging, hard to say... but those speakers may just not work for long. I have sold many vintage Jensens I picked up over the years, but they all seem to fail often in a working environment. One thing Jensen did was use a paper voice coil former if I remember right.. thin and light.... which is probably some of the reason they sound like they do. Unfortunately 50 year old paper that has been hot a lot doesn't last well!
    Those P10R's have a lot of value, if working, to a collector. Repair the dust caps and maybe get new speakers if you are gigging.
    The only other option I see is to get someone like Orange County Speaker (or whoever are the best for Jensen) to recone them. Trouble is I hear the original cones etc are not available.
    But someone like OCS will know how accurate they can be. Those guys are amazing on other speakers like Oxford, Utah , JBL but I have not used them for Jensens....

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