Sold 1961 Guild J-100 - make me an offer!


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Here we have a rare bird. A 1961(date based on the speaker date, I think) Guild J-100. Pushing 35 watts with 2x6l6's and 4x12ax7's and an original Jenses C15N. This was gone over about 6 months ago by Jeff Andrews at Andrews Amp Lab in Atlanta and was put into working order. It has since developed some noise in the 2nd channel similar to that of a pot that needs cleaning. Channel 1 works fine and sounds great but there is an occasional crackle that comes through. This amp doesn't get very loud at all for 35 watts but it gets a nice round, smooth and musical distortion when all controls are cranked with my tele with highish output pickups(for a tele). Even with the treble all the way up there's not even a hint of icepick. It would make a good recording amplifier. Not really sure how to price this so I'll just field some offers and take the highest one. No trades please. Thanks for looking.

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