Sold 1961 Martin 0-16 NY


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1961 Martin 0-16NY in good to very good condition. Professionally setup with D'Addario Silk and Steels and ready to go. Amazing sound! Plays wonderfully as well. Original case is long gone, but will ship in unoriginal case.

There are cosmetic imperfections (pick scratches, dings, buck rash, etc.), but nothing that impacts the guitar's structural stability, playability or sound. Check out the pictures.

Primarily looking to trade, but would sell for $1800 + shipping. Trade value in the 2k range seems appropriate.

Pretty much only interested in vintage pieces. Amps, Acoustic, Electric, Archtop, etc. This guitar is just a little too small for my taste, so I'm looking for at least a 00. Hit me up, worst I can say is no. [MOD EDIT]. Thanks for looking!

More pictures here :[email protected]/
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