Sold 1962 Gibson SG Special


EDIT on 2/28/2021 -- Thank you for everyone's interest, but this guitar is SOLD pending receipt of funds!

If it happens to go back up on the market for any reason, then I'll let everyone who made inquiries know. Thanks again! :)

1962 Gibson SG Special for sale. $2,495 or best offer. I’m in North Carolina.

I first acquired this SG in 1989 in Santa Barbara, CA. I was a student there and it was my first real guitar. At the time, it had a poorly-repaired heel crack (about 5/8” in length but not all the way through) and a partial refret. I had the shop put a Bigsby on which had “Gibson” on it. The original bridge was gone and someone had put an ABR bridge on it before I got it. It also had Sperzel tuners on it. This guitar followed me to Berkeley while in school.

I recorded with this guitar and had it until 1994. I sold it in Atlanta, GA while in grad school. I came across it again in 2014 but didn’t buy it. I then found it again in a shop in California and purchased it in 2018. I was always able to remember the serial number of this guitar, and so it made it easy to find.

When I got this SG back, someone had gone through a lot of trouble to restore it while maintaining its historical character. The heel crack had been expertly repaired and it’s solid. The Bigsby was gone and a lightning bridge was installed. And the original-style tuners had been installed. You can see in the photos the holes for the Bigsby and the dowels fitted into the where the prior tailpiece for the ABR bridge was located. Finally, the current tailpiece studs are TonePros and are locking.

I installed RS Guitarworks super pots, Emerson paper-in-oil tone caps, a treble bleed capacitor, and put a Switchcraft jack in it. The original pickup selector switch is in it.

So what’s original?

1. The body, neck, and fretboard
2. The P-90 pickups (yeah!)
3. The pick guard, truss rod cover, control cavity backplate, switch tip, poker chip, and pickup covers (all plastics)
4. The knobs and pointers
5. Most of the screws, and
6. Most of the finish.

I think that the guitar has been refretted because the frets are too perfect - level and nicely shaped. The headstock overlay and inlay are original. The serial number is unmolested.

The guitar plays better than when I originally had it. It stays in tune and the neck repair is almost undetectable. There has not been a headstock break. I have a hardshell Epiphone case for it, but I cannot remember if I bought that case for it in 1989 or not.

Finally, I have the original wiring harness and the pots are Centralab and date back to 1962. They work fine - I was chasing a certain tone with the RS pots and realized (after the install) that what I really wanted was a treble bleed cap. I can reinstall the original wiring harness if you want

This SG just screams with the P-90s. It’s a player and not a museum piece. The wood is incredibly resonant.

Here’s a few pics:



Send me a message with any questions. I’m happy to provide a cell number if you’d like to chat, and I can send a ton of photos. I want the next owner to be happy with this Gibson. Thank you for your interest! :)
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I've had several inquiries and I'm making my way through them. I've had a few questions on pickup output and weight of the guitar and so I'm gonna add that information here for everyone.

Measuring at the control cavity, I'm getting 8.05 kOhms on the bridge pickup and 7.63 kOhms on the neck pickup.

And I'm getting 6.6 pounds on my bathroom scale and 6 pounds and 12 +/- ounces on my food scale, which is 6.75 pounds.

Thank you! :)


Update - paid and shipped! Thank you everyone for your interest. :)

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