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Sold 1964 Ampeg B-15NC Portaflex


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1964/1965 Ampeg B-15NC Portaflex amplifier. The amp is all tube and this is is the version with a 5AR4 rectifier. The amp is fully functioning and in excellent condition. This is easily the cleanest vintage B15 I've come across. The chrome chassis shines (and has retained all of it's lettering) and the original blue checkered vinyl looks remarkably fresh. The only considerations to note are: 1) the amp is missing the lucite "light up" Ampeg logo (I've seen immaculate originals for $50 if you need one); 2) the PT is non-original. About 50% of these early B15s lost their original PTs due to failure (the others just haven't blown yet). The PT was sent to Fliptops to use the original "can" and wax pot a new replacement unit (Heyboer built) into it. Not cheap, but it works like a charm and helps retain value. Anyway, you'll no longer need to worry about the PT blowing so...you're welcome. This one has an original CTS speaker as well, which were far more robust than the Jensen speakers some of these came with. A cover is included.


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That is a beaut! I'm actually in the market for one, but unfortunately on the wrong side of the border and I'd consider a 70s model, GLWTS

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