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1964 Super Reverb question?

Hi there.

Is it normal for a bit of sound to come out of the amp even though the Volume knob is fully off (Vibrato channel)? I notice the Normal channel doesn't do this (it's totally silent when volume knob is off).

Also, the Middle knob seems to have stopped working - no change in tone when turning the knob all the way up or down. Everything else seems fine.

Thank you.


Sounds like a little wear on the pot. Nothing to worry about unless you need the volume to go to 0, then you might need a new pot.
no, when the volume is off... you shouldn't be able to hear your guitar. In fact, my super doesn't have any sound until about 2 to 2.3 on the dial. This seems to be the norm for most old supers i've seen.

Sounds like you've got a super that had somethin' spilled on it one day that drained into the potenimeters driving the volume and mid controls.

If you're handy with a soldering iron, its a quick swap in and out, otherwise a tech can probably do it for you for rather cheap...


Try turning your reverb knob all the way down.. you could be getting a little bleed over from the reverb circuit. The signal splits after the tone stack recovery preamp and part of it goes into the rev/dry mixer, the other goes to the reverb & trem circuits. That's the difference in the normal ch & effects ch. Beyond that, it could just be a worn/degraded pot. It is a 64'. Same thing with your mid control.. the wiper could have lost contact with the element or internally be worn out in some way. Just get a 10KL (liner pot, 25K-50KL or KA if you'd like some mid boost OD available) and replace it. 3 solders.
Thanks all.

The reverb is unplugged at the moment (both out and in cables) because I need a new RCA connection. Do you think that has something to do with it?

Thanks again.

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