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Sold 1966 Pro Reverb Excellent condition all original


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Up for sell is an incredible 66 Pro Reverb. It is all original, reverb sounds great, trem works great as well. I love this amp, the grill clothe has a great yellowed look and the tolex has held up incredibly well over the years. I have gigged it, but taken great care of it. It sounds incredible and I am sure I will regret this at some point, but I need a smaller amp for right now. I am the 3rd owner of the amp, the 2nd owner told me it was recapped which is to be expected on an amp this old. Some tubes have been changed, but he kept all the original parts for resell purposes. I have all of the parts in a ziplock bag. This thing will be expensive to ship and if I do ship, I will take out all of the tubes and put them in a separate ziplock bag.

I am asking 2600 for the amp. I have always had a hard time uploading pictures to TGP, so I can email or text you any pictures. I am looking to trade for an older Morgan PR12 (handwired, no pcb). I have my eye on one of reverb I would like to buy after I sell this amp. I would consider other smaller amp trades, looking to keep the wattage of any amp trade between 15-30 watts.


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