Sold 1967-68 Fender Bassman Head w/ Road case *REDUCED*

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    This might be the best sounding Bassman head I've owned ( and I've owned quite a few).
    Pots date early '68, all the iron is '67.
    All major parts/trannies original.
    Completely serviced by Las Vegas Amp Guru Carl Popek.
    Brand new Mesa branded 6L6's, JJ pre's.
    All new filter caps & some grid resistors (all tolerances matched).
    "Death Cap" removed.
    3 prong cord added.
    Basically a few hundred dollars in servicing that any older tube amp will need ( saved you the $$ & time !)
    Excellent cosmetic condition.
    More than Excellent sonic condition !
    I had this on the road as a spare to my Dirty Shirley. Only used it at one soundcheck to make sure it sounded Great (which it did).
    Comes with an ATA Viking road case. New foam , buts need a top foam piece.

    Please PM with Inquiries.
    Please use arrow to the right of the 1st picture to scroll through.
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    My Wallet hates seeing this!...:drool

    it hurts, I knew I should not have clicked on this post...:)

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