Sold 1967 Fender BF Deluxe Reverb Amp Blackface-Free Shipping!


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1967 Fender Deluxe Reverb.

Excellent condition. It has the original power transformer and choke. It has the original output transformer. The filter capacitors and cathode bypass capacitors have been replaced as normal maintenance items. The output tubes are NOS RCA 6V6GT black plate tubes. The preamp tubes are old stock tubes. The tubes may be original to the amp. It has the original 12K5-6 12” Oxford speaker. The grill cloth is original and in excellent condition. It has one small glitch on the bottom. The tolex is in excellent condition. It has the original black footswitch and it does have some split insulation on the cord which is visible in the pics. It does not affect the operation of the footswitch. I can replace the cord for you with a new 12” vintage replacement spec cord if you wish. No rust at all on the amp. The rear panels are new pieces which are not obvious because the original tolex is in such good condition. This amp should provide years of reliable service. $2499.00 with free shipping. I can supply more pics if needed.

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