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    Apr 2, 2005
    Alright let me start by saying that this a very rough recording. I was literally right in front of the drums and could only hear my solo's half the time.

    Once we clean out the water in the basement we will have it spread out and I can actually hear what I am doing.

    The levels were good for the recording but I was getting drowned out by my Drummer.

    I think it was primarily because It was straight 4x12 ampeg cab loaded with Rocket 50 Bass speakers(Celeston)and I couldn't here the projection very well nor the highs. I can and will play much better than this when evrything is set up better. It's also in lo fi so it kind takes away from some things.

    Anyhow enough with the excuses.

    Bass and lyrics will be added as well as redone guitar and drums.

    Added later this week. These are all original songs written by me.

    67 SB + 62' Strat + Ampeg 4x12 all settings on 10 plugged into top right input.

    If the link doesn't work the band name is Electric Sky (US)


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