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1968-1970ish Marshall 4x12 WIW?


I picked up a stripped, painted black straight marshall cab a while back. Empty, No tolex, grill painted and lightly ripped. Pretty sure this was a custom color, as the cloth looks tan under the paint, but haven't opened it up to see, or check the bracing to make a positive year ID.

Plans were to do a full restore. Still has the original handles and cups on top. But plans and priorities change. So I think I'm just gonna unload it as is.

Any suggestions on a price range for this thing? Will try to get some pics of it up tomorrow.


Gold Supporting Member
Plywood back? Still not sure how valuable it is with no speakers or tolex. Gonna guess in the $500 range, but I'm not sure...


Paid 350 for one with Graybacks about 5 years ago. Here is a hint the grill cloth often might not be black on the other side. so remove it and reverse it. My cab was exactly the same and now it looks instead of being black my Grill cloth looks very dark like it's had gallons of beer n whiskey spilled on it and the smoke of a billion Marlborough's on it. I must say it 's my cab with the most mojo visually and most critically sonically

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