Sold * * 1968 Dripedge Fender Vibro Champ * *


68 Dripedge Vibro Champ
Awesome little vintage Fender Vibro Champ. Has the classic transitional dripedge aesthetic, very clean tolex and grill for its age! Upgrades include a new Jupiter 8SC speaker, new speaker cable w/ terminal clips, and 3-prong power. The amp has that classic small-amp tone and starts to break up beautifully around 5-6 depending on your guitar. The tremolo on these amps is what really sells them! A wide range of sway from subtle to deep, lush tremolo.

Cosmetically the amp is in great shape for being 50 years old! Tube chart in tact, one small snag in the grill cloth and virtually no wear on the tolex. It is missing the back top panel. These are easily replaced from MojoTone or other outlets.

A great addition to the studio or vintage collection!

$SOLD locally.

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