1968 Marshall Super Bass as a clean platform?

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    Jan 3, 2009
    I`m a plexi-holic, I know. I just can`t stop making these videoes with my 1968 Marshall Super Bass. It sounds so good. Only issue is volum. These babies are extremley loud, and that has been a challenge over the years. I`ve tried about every attenuator out there, and some of them are pretty good, Alex being one of them. But then Gurus came up with the Double Decker 1959 pedal. Now I set my super bass clean, at reasonable volum, and let the Gurus do the work. And I`ve yet to hear a attenuator make my amp sound this good. And it`s way more usable concering soloing. The DD has a volum soloknob that works just like a charm. The pedal is just awsome!

    In the vid I play through a 2x12 cab loaded with Scumback M75-100 watts speakers. The amp is set clean, and the DD 1959 do all the overdrive and guitars. I miked the cab with a sm57 and a Sennheiser E906, going through a Focusrite Scarlet 2i2 into Reaper. Backing track is just drums and bass. All the guitars and the vocals are us. Sound is exactly like is was coming through the amp (and mics), - we did not manipulate the sound in Reaper in any way.

    As always - play loud and enjoy, and I recommend headphones for best possible sound quality!

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