1970 Gibson SG Special Wiring

Hey y'all,

Curious about some things. The output jack on my SG Special is being a tad wonky so I'm considering changing it. Might just try to clean it out and see how that works first. I'm also wondering about the whole 50's wiring thing and if it would be beneficial just to buy a whole new wiring kit with everything and installing it. Including pots, jack, caps, etc. Would there be any benefit to doing this? I tend to use my volume and tone knobs quite a bit. Especially when using fuzz. So I'm really wondering if any parts would be an upgrade, or if I'm better off just working on the jack. It's got the original p90s, which sound killer. Resale value isn't really a factor as I'm not planning on selling it and I could just keep the original parts anyway.



I would say clean it if there's nothing else wrong with it.
50s wiring allows you to retain more highs as you roll down volume.

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