Sold 1970 Marshall SUPERBASS 100 amplifier previously owned by Paul Reed Smith!


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I bought this one from a guitar shop in Anapolis MD and was told it was owned by Paul Reed Smith. They said he had bought THE BEST examples he could find to use as guides to the platform for the PRS series of Marshall 'inspired' amplifiers. Let there be no doubt this is absolutely one of the best sounding Marshalls I've heard or owned. Those of you that know me, know that's a pretty broad statement- you guys have seen some of the amps I've had and sold here. They've been great...and this one, has 'IT' in spades! I have a thing for the Bass versions of Marshall amps. This one has the lay down mains transformer, most everything on the board is original except for a few capacitor changes that were made by Paul. How do I know HE made them??? The Zoso caps are SIGNED by Paul himself! I thought I saw some scribbling on them that wasn't factory but when I zoomed in with my camera, there it was! Ha! I couldn't believe it either. All the power/electrolytic capacitors are up to date. The amp needs NOTHING in terms of working/tone. The shop I got it from gushed over this amp and it's true, it IS a beast! Clean, LOUD and proud. It's got a sweetness to it as well. Hard to explain really. It's just got the thickest, creamiest and punchiest tone of any Marshall I've had. It kicks ass at ANY volume. The bright cap was snipped on the lead channel, but it's still there tucked back (someone trying to make it a Superlead at some point, but I left the bright cap if you want to do that as well). The feet are not original. I'm not sure about the knobs, I'm pretty sure they are, but just to be safe I want to give full disclosure as they're clean (but so is the rest of the amp!) There is a screw missing in the back panel and one of the chassis screws was missing as well. The other 3 are original, although one is close to being stripped so you simply need to use a large Phillips head to get it to not 'slip' but it works fine. That's really it as far as I can tell. The important parts are ALL still there, and most importantly it sounds like the Gods on top of Mt Olympus calling down. The head is really clean too. Just a super nice example of the very last of the Plexi era amps. I have a TON of pictures if these aren't enough for you. This should get it started.

I need to CLEAR $3k after Paypal and shipping. You're not going to find a better sounding, nicer example for this kinda dough. These early Marshalls, especially the SuperBass amps are getting stupid for good reason. If it doesn't sell, I'm good with that. I may be open to trades, but they'll need to be in my favor to consider. Sorry, but that's how it is on this one.
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Man, I played one of these at Guitar Center of all places like 10 years ago, in their high-end room. I still regret not buying that amp to this day.

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